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Topic: User Interfaces

Graphical User Interfaces

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Building GUI Applications with PythonCard and PyCrust (Python DevCenter)
Developing the GUI for a Python application is often a tedious and time-consuming process. This is the exact opposite of how Python programmers would describe other aspects of software development using Python. In this article, Patrick O'Brien explains how PythonCard and PyCrust, the graphical Python shell, ease the GUI development process.

Interactive Python (Python DevCenter)
GUIs are swell, but sometimes you want power at the keyboard. Soup up Python's interactive prompt with these enhancements.

Developing Games with Python (Python DevCenter)
The game industry is hanging strong, while other tech ventures fold. PyGame could be your ticket to a gaming career.

GUI Development with Python and Qt (Python DevCenter)
A change in Qt's license for Windows and an open book by Boudewijn Rempt make Qt an attractive alternative to Tk for Python developers.

GUI Fun While Waiting for 2.0 (Python DevCenter)
Something fun to do while waiting for the big 2.0 release of Python.

GNOME Panel Applets (Python DevCenter)
Make your next application a panel applet and get hot data on the screen 24/7. It's easy with PyGNOME!

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Tkinter: GUI programming with
Links to New Mexico Tech resources on GUI programming with Python's Tk interface. [Source: New Mexico Tech]

Python + KDE Tutorial
KDE is a Linux desktop environment built on the Qt widget set. This tutorial is Boudewijn Rempt's Python translation of Daniel Marjamäki's C++ KDE tutorial.

Python Win32 Extensions
Much of the Win32 API is available to Python programmers. A list of the supported API's can be found on this page.

Developing GNOME Applications with Python
An introductory article by Hilaire Fernandes especially written for beginners in Gnome programming and GNU/Linux.

Qt 2.x and Python 1.6
An brief tutorial on using Qt and Python which showcases Python 1.6's unicode support.

Developing GNOME Applications with Python (Part 1)
This Linux Focus article by Hilaire Fernandes shows you how to use Glade, a visual development tool for Gnome, with Python. The tool combination allows you to rapidly develop GUI Programs for Gnome.

Python and COM
A slide show and tutorial on using Python with the Windows Common Object Model.

wxPython Tutorial
wxPython is the python interface to wxWindows, a C++ based cross platform GUI API.

An Introduction to Tkinter
Fredrik Lundh's basic introduction to Tkinter.

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