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Building Decision Trees in Python (Python DevCenter)
Python is a good language for machine learning--it's easy to express powerful algorithms maintainably, and it's flexible to experiment with new approaches. Christopher Roach demonstrates the use and implementation of decision trees, a fundamental feature of datamining, that can help you find trends in your data.

Profiling and Optimizing Python (Python DevCenter)
Premature optimization is the root of all sorts of evil in programming, but meaningful and necessary optimization is vital to effective and efficient programming. When your Python program just doesn't perform, don't reach for C or C++ without first playing with the Python profiler. Jeremy Jones shows how to find and fix bottlenecks in your programs.

Using PySOAP (Python DevCenter)
SOAP may be a big topic, but you don't need to be an XML expert to use it. With PySOAP, distributed applications and web services are a snap.

Python Programming on Win32 (Python DevCenter)
Excerpt from Chapter 20 of O'Reilly's book Python Programming on Win32.

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Python 101: The other scripting language that starts with "P"
Evelyn Mitchell's introduction to Python from the IBM developerWorks site.

Python Programming for Beginners
Jacek Artymiak's article for the Linux Journal presents 17 python scripts for Linux users and administrators interested in what Python can do.

Python Faqts
Culled from the Usenet Newsgroup comp.lang.python, this collection of more or less Frequently Asked Questions is growing rapidly. It could save you some time if you check it before posting on c.l.p.

Instant Hacking
A very short introduction to the art of programming with examples in Python. Written for non-programmers.

Instant Python
By the same author as Instant Hacking, this article is a more in depth look at Python. Written for programmers who want a very quick introduction to the language.

How to Think Like a Computer Scientist
The Python version of Downey, Elkner and Zadka's introduction to computer programming with Python.

The What, Why, Who, and Where of Python
Aaron Watters' 1996 tutorial written for Unix World. A fun introduction to Python. Aaron went on to co-author M&T Books' Internet Programming with Python (1997). The basic stuff covered in this article is timeless, so don't be thrown off by its date.

Python and COM
A slide show and tutorial on using Python with the Windows Common Object Model.

Python Tutorial
Guido's introduction to Python covering all the basics.

Non-Programmers Tutorial For Python
Josh Cogliati's introduction to Python for non-programmers.

Writing CGI Programs in Python
Preston Lander's introduction to CGI programming with Python.

Python for Lisp Programmers
A brief introduction to Python for those who already know Lisp.

Learning to Program
The Web Tutor version of Alan Gauld's book, Learn to Program Using Python. Written for the absolute beginner at programming.

Python Squeezes the Web
A Linux Planet article on using Python for web development. Including using Python with VIM (a common Unix text editor), to create macros that make writing HTML easier. [Source: Linux Planet]

An Introduction to Tkinter
Fredrik Lundh's basic introduction to Tkinter.

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