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Topic: Tools

Programs or libraries used to write or debug programs, and articles on the mechanics of a particular language. With operating systems, can include useful utilities, command lines, etc.

O'Reilly Network articles about this topic:

Why I Stopped Coding and Why I'd Start Again (Python DevCenter)
What happens when programming stops being fun? What do you do when juggling dependencies and worrying about installation issues takes all of the joy out of writing code for other people? You can stop coding... or you can try to address the underlying problems. Brian McConnell postulates an enhancement of the Python language to make programming as fun as it was in the BASIC-in-ROM minicomputer days.

Testing Web Apps Effectively with twill (Python DevCenter)
There's a real drive toward testing these days. If you develop any sort of application seriously, you've likely heard recommendations to write comprehensive automated tests. Is that really useful? Michele Simionato explores the arguments for and against automated testing, and shows how to automate web app testing using Python and the twill utility.

Interactive Debugging in Python (Python DevCenter)
Debugging with print statements is alive and well. It's not the only way to do it, though. Python has a powerful interactive debugger that can let you get to the heart of your problem faster and more easily--if you know how to use it. Jeremy Jones shows off the features you absolutely must know.

Python on Your (S60) Phone (Python DevCenter)
Nokia recently released a Python distribution that runs on Series 60 phones. Sure it's cool, but is it useful? John Littler walks through the available packages and the installation process, as well as some example Python code.

More Test-Driven Development in Python (Python DevCenter)
The goal of test-driven development is not to produce tests; they're merely a helpful by-product. The real goal is to produce elegant, working code. Jason Diamond demonstrates how test-driven development can improve the design of code.

Enhanced Interactive Python with IPython (Python DevCenter)
An interactive programming environment can be a powerful tool to assist in writing programs. Python has one as part of its standard distribution. Yet IPython, "an enhanced Interactive Python shell," is a far superior replacement. Jeremy Jones demonstrates.

Python-Powered Templates with Cheetah (Python DevCenter)
It's true; XSLT isn't the be-all, end-all of templating and transformation systems. If you use Python, consider instead Cheetah, a template engine based on Python. Andrew Glover demonstrates its simplicity and power for producing text in all kinds of formats.

Test-Driven Development in Python (Python DevCenter)
The goal of test-driven development is not to produce tests; they're merely a helpful by-product. The real goal is to produce elegant, working code. Jason Diamond demonstrates how test-driven development works using Python and PyUnit to create a sample event-tracking utility.

Inside Mitch Kapor's World (Python DevCenter)
Mitch Kapor has had a huge influence on the software world, being the founder of Lotus and a driving force behind 1-2-3. Now his Open Software Applications Foundation is working on Chandler, an open source PIM written in Python. Steve Holden interviewed Mitch after the recent PyCon about his life and career, the OSAF, Chandler, open source, and Python.

Python Options (Python DevCenter)
Greg Ward reinvents a command line option handler, the über-getopt.

PyKDE2: KDE Bindings for Python (Python DevCenter)
Jim Bublitz has updated PyKDE for use on KDE 2.x and KDE 3.0Beta, giving Python programmers access to some top notch high level widgets.

Py Games (Python DevCenter)
Break down the barriers to game development, leveraging the power of Python and Pygame.

Noisy Python (Python DevCenter)
Whether your interest is in music, or just some radical sound effects for your latest game, there are Python programs and modules to satisfy your auditory needs.

Interactive Python (Python DevCenter)
GUIs are swell, but sometimes you want power at the keyboard. Soup up Python's interactive prompt with these enhancements.

Developing Games with Python (Python DevCenter)
The game industry is hanging strong, while other tech ventures fold. PyGame could be your ticket to a gaming career.

Software Carpentry Spin Offs (Python DevCenter)
Last year's contest to develop a new generation of easy-to-use software engineering tools bears unexpected fruit this year.

SkunkWeb Application Server (Python DevCenter)
The templating simplicity of PHP combined with the power of Python packs a wallop in SkunkWeb, an application server for Python developers.

Simple Python (Python DevCenter)
Simple tools can be fun and educational as well as useful. Small programs written in the language you love can be a joy.

Hypercard and Python (Python DevCenter)
Hypercard was once a killer Macintosh application, a hypertext GUI design toolkit. Will a similar development tool work for Python?

Python in the Sourceforge Trove (Python DevCenter)
There are now over 1000 Python projects in the Sourceforge Software Map. Stephen Figgins looks at a couple surprises among the top 20 most active projects.

New Versions of Zope and Python (Python DevCenter)
Zope 2.4 updates Zope for Python 2.1, just as the first Alpha version of Python 2.2 is released.

Combining Python and C++ (Python DevCenter)
There is no standard tool for extending Python with C++, but a variety of tools makes the job easier.

Piddle Graphics Online (Python DevCenter)
Michal Wallace uses the source to put piddle graphics online. Combine piddle with the shelve and cgi modules to create an interactive gantt chart.

Using PySOAP (Python DevCenter)
SOAP may be a big topic, but you don't need to be an XML expert to use it. With PySOAP, distributed applications and web services are a snap.

XML-RPC Agents with pyagent (Python DevCenter)
Downright software releases pyagent, a framework for creating intelligent agents that use XML-RPC.

Generating Graphics With Piddle (Python DevCenter)
Create simple graphics on the fly with piddle, a high level interface to more complex drawing tools.

Structured grep and Python (Python DevCenter)
PySgrep combines sgrep, a tool for searching and indexing structured text, with the power of Python.

Python Documentation Tips and Tricks (Python DevCenter)
Leverage the power in the Python way of documentation. Cameron Laird provides tips for getting the most from docstrings.

Using pydoc (Python DevCenter)
The pydoc module puts module documentation at your fingertips. Cameron Laird tells you how to exploit the power of pydoc.

Komodo and Pygame Go 1.0 (Python DevCenter)
Komodo, an integrated debugging environment for Perl and Python, and Pygame, a cross-platform game development tool, are now ready for mass consumption.

Extreme Python (Python DevCenter)
The second beta of Python 2.1 adds PyUnit, an Extreme Programming tool for testing code, to the standard library.

Alternative Python Distributions (Python DevCenter)
These alternative distributions offer versions of Python tailored to more specific needs.

ActivePython 2.0 Now Available (Python DevCenter)
How do you distribute your Python programs? ActiveState wants to make it easier for businesses to install and maintain Python so they can run your programs.

Python Roadmap (Python DevCenter)
The stackless patch works great, but how about getting it into Python's core development? Cameron explains how he thinks Stackless will eventually be integrated.

A Stackless PEP (Python DevCenter)
The developers of an arcane Python tool want it to be a part of Python core. The core python developers have spoken: "write a PEP and we'll see."

Python Programming on Win32 using WxPython (Python DevCenter)
Another GUI toolkit available for Python is called wxPython. The current incarnation is fairly new to the Python scene and is rapidly gaining popularity amongst Python developers. Excerpted from Chapter 20 of O'Reilly's book Python Programming on Win32.

Python Programming on Win32 using Tkinter (Python DevCenter)
Excerpt from Chapter 20 of O'Reilly's book Python Programming on Win32.

Other documents about this topic:

Below are other references available on the web for this topic. Since other sites may change their links, please if you find any that may need to be updated.

mx-Series of Python Extension Packages
Extension code for Python including string manipulators, date functions and code to help you get at your databases using Open DataBase Connectivity, a standard database access method developed by Microsoft Corporation. [Source: Software]

Hector: Distributed Objects in Python
A description of Hector, a distributed object system written primarily in Python. [Source: University of Queensland]

The Python Tk-OpenGL Module
A python interface to the OpenGL 3D graphics library.

Python Imaging Library (PIL) Handbook
PIL adds image processing capabilities to your Python interpreter. [Source: PythonWare]

Continuations and Stackless Python
Christian Tismer's presentation to the 8th International Python Conference, on rewriting Python so it does not keep its state on the C Stack.

Writing Python Extensions in C++
C++ and Python work great together. They work together even easier with these extensions. Paul Dubois tells you how.

PyFort Reference Manual
Connect Fortran routines to Python. Fortran, long a favorite of scientists and physicists, makes a nice companion to Python for scientific computing. This excellent documentation by Paul DuBois is only available in PDF.

The Python Interface to Vim
Vim is a vi like editor that runs on multiple platforms. This is the documentation for the Python interface, which allows you to write your vi macros in Python. [Source: Vim]

Python Squeezes the Web
A Linux Planet article on using Python for web development. Including using Python with VIM (a common Unix text editor), to create macros that make writing HTML easier. [Source: Linux Planet]

Python/C API Reference Manual
Official reference on how to use the C programmer's interface to Python to write an extension in C or to embed Python in a C program. [Source:]

Macintosh Library Modules
Official documentation of the Macintosh modules for Python. [Source:]

Documenting Python
Documentation of LaTEX macros written specifically for documenting Python, and some information on how to use them. Part of the official documentation for Python. [Source:]

Extending and Embedding the Python Interpreter
Official documentation on how to mix Python and C or C++. See also the C/API documentation. [Source:]

The whole Python FAQ
The official FAQ. Searchable using the FAQ wizard. [Source:]

Python for Lisp Programmers
Artificial Intelligence programmer, Peter Norvig compares the features of Lisp and Python, and comments on Python's suitability for AI programming.

Python Reference Manual
The official reference for the Python language. [Source:]

Python Library Reference
Official reference for Python's data types built-in modules, services and core modules. [Source:]

Global Module Index
A quick index to documentation of all the core modules.

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