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Topic: Graphics

3D and 2D graphics and animation.

O'Reilly Network articles about this topic:

Interactive Python (Python DevCenter)
GUIs are swell, but sometimes you want power at the keyboard. Soup up Python's interactive prompt with these enhancements.

Developing Games with Python (Python DevCenter)
The game industry is hanging strong, while other tech ventures fold. PyGame could be your ticket to a gaming career.

PyOpenGL Joins the Living (Python DevCenter)
Over two years since its last release, PyOpenGL is back with new developers and a SourceForge address.

Season of Light (Python DevCenter)
An inspiring tool for creating photo realistic 3D images, Lightflow, is scriptable with Python.

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Below are other references available on the web for this topic. Since other sites may change their links, please if you find any that may need to be updated.

The Python Tk-OpenGL Module
A python interface to the OpenGL 3D graphics library.

Python Imaging Library (PIL) Handbook
PIL adds image processing capabilities to your Python interpreter. [Source: PythonWare]

No Fear of Snakes
A translation of Martin Strubel's article on using Python Scripting in Blender. First appeared in Linux Magazin, auf Deutsch, natürlich!

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