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Topic: Education

Technologies used in schools and methods of learning or teaching a technology.

O'Reilly Network articles about this topic:

Python Escapes Classroom (Python DevCenter)
A few years ago Jeff Elkner put Python into a Yorktown High School programming class. A new project has helped it escape.

Software Engineering for Everyone (Python DevCenter)
Three simple principles turn programmers into software engineers. Software engineering veteran, Dennis Hamilton, shares lessons learned in the trenches.

TuxBot Programming with Python (Python DevCenter)
Jonathan Pennington's plan for a Linux-powered, Python-programmed educational dream tool plus other Python robotic diversions.

Python Books Online (Python DevCenter)
Want to dive into Python or learn the basics of programming with Python? Free and open online books make learning (or teaching) Python easy and inexpensive.

Alice and CP4E (Python DevCenter)
Does computer programming for everybody (CP4E) mean programming for non-programmers or everybody becoming literate in programming?

Python Cryptography: From Classroom to Clubhouse (Python DevCenter)
From the classroom to the clubhouse to the working world, Python offers powerful cryptographic tools.

Teaching Math with Python (Python DevCenter)
Kirby Urner offers curriculum for teaching math using Python.

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Below are other references available on the web for this topic. Since other sites may change their links, please if you find any that may need to be updated.

Python in Education: Raising a Generation of Native Speakers
An AT&T research paper that discusses how python "is an excellent choice to introduce the fundamental ideas of the art of programming." [Source: AT&T]

Non-Programmers Tutorial For Python
Josh Cogliati's introduction to Python for non-programmers.

Learning to Program
The Web Tutor version of Alan Gauld's book, Learn to Program Using Python. Written for the absolute beginner at programming.

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