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Topic: Distributed

Programs that run on two or more systems, or use distributed object technologies like CORBA or DCOM.

O'Reilly Network articles about this topic:

Twisted Python (Python DevCenter)
The Twisted application framework provides rocket-powered tools for your next network application.

Using PySOAP (Python DevCenter)
SOAP may be a big topic, but you don't need to be an XML expert to use it. With PySOAP, distributed applications and web services are a snap.

Python Gets Small (Python DevCenter)
Endeavors Technology releases a new version of Python for Palm computers.

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Hector: Distributed Objects in Python
A description of Hector, a distributed object system written primarily in Python. [Source: University of Queensland]

Pyro Manual
PYthon Remote Objects (Pyro) is similar to Java's Remote Method Invocation. It is a lightweight alternative to CORBA.

PyBrenda is a parallel computing tool modelled on C-Linda. Use it to schedule tasks on multiple processors.

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