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Articles about the community, quotations of community members, interviews, anything community related.

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Running a Sprint (Python DevCenter)
Many agile development techniques apply to plenty of development models. One interesting approach for distributed development projects is the sprint--a short, directed programming effort with programmers all in the same room. Steve Holden, who organized the recent Python Need for Speed sprint, explains how they work.

Inside Mitch Kapor's World (Python DevCenter)
Mitch Kapor has had a huge influence on the software world, being the founder of Lotus and a driving force behind 1-2-3. Now his Open Software Applications Foundation is working on Chandler, an open source PIM written in Python. Steve Holden interviewed Mitch after the recent PyCon about his life and career, the OSAF, Chandler, open source, and Python.

Guido van Rossum Speaks (Python DevCenter)
Guido van Rossum, creator of Python, recently announced a move from PythonLabs to Elemental Security. Steve Holden caught up with Guido to talk about the move, the future of Python, and computer programming for everybody.

BitTorrent Style (Python DevCenter)
Understanding BitTorrent's source code and author Bram Cohen's approach to programming in Python

Py in Print (Python DevCenter)
Py, an independent magazine for Python programmers delivers clear tutorials and how-to's.

Python on the Side (Python DevCenter)
After only one year of learning Python in his spare time, Doug Bell offers up the fruits of his nightly tinkering: four fine PyQt applications.

Lonely Python (Python DevCenter)
Loneliness drives some Python programmers long distances to meet with their peers. Python interest groups provide a meeting place.

Software Carpentry Spin Offs (Python DevCenter)
Last year's contest to develop a new generation of easy-to-use software engineering tools bears unexpected fruit this year.

Simple Python (Python DevCenter)
Simple tools can be fun and educational as well as useful. Small programs written in the language you love can be a joy.

Hypercard and Python (Python DevCenter)
Hypercard was once a killer Macintosh application, a hypertext GUI design toolkit. Will a similar development tool work for Python?

Python in the Sourceforge Trove (Python DevCenter)
There are now over 1000 Python projects in the Sourceforge Software Map. Stephen Figgins looks at a couple surprises among the top 20 most active projects.

Frank Willison Remembered (Python DevCenter)
Frank Willison remembered by friends, coworkers and the Python community.

9th International Python Conference (Python DevCenter)
Guido van Rossum announces the Python Software Foundation; ActiveState and O'Reilly announce a new Python book project.

Commercial Python IDEs (Python DevCenter)
Python developers looking for a commercial IDE now have a choice, PythonWorks 1.1 or WingIDE.

Wiki Python (Python DevCenter)
MoinMoin and ZWiki, two Python-related projects, provide collaborative environments for Web communities.

Python and Linguistics (Python DevCenter)
A news thread on the Perligata module for Perl inspires this exploration of linguistics among the Python community.

Python Toys For Programmers on the Edge (Python DevCenter)
If you are a Python programmer who likes life out on the edge, a Stackless example and a preview release of Komodo provide interesting diversions for you.

PythonLabs moves to Digital Creations (Python DevCenter)
An all around win for the Python and Zope communities. PythonLabs finds a new home.

Python 2.0 and Beyond (Python DevCenter)
Like all endings, the release of Python 2.0 is also a beginning.

Green Tree Pythons (Python DevCenter)
The python that seemed to just be resting for so long is now springing to life.

Print Changes Survive Criticism (Python DevCenter)
The Python development team accepted a proposal to alter the syntax of the print statement, drawing strong criticism.

Python News (Python DevCenter)
Stephen Figgins informs us of the current python release and relates the story behind the new license.

Report on Software Development 2000 (General DevCenter)
A surge of interest in Python was evident at Software Development 2000 Conference held last week in San Jose.

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Python Quotations
Fun, and sometimes even instructive quotes from members of the Python community.

An Interview with Guido van Rossum
Frank Willison's interview with Guido on the features and future of Python.

The What, Why, Who, and Where of Python
Aaron Watters' 1996 tutorial written for Unix World. A fun introduction to Python. Aaron went on to co-author M&T Books' Internet Programming with Python (1997). The basic stuff covered in this article is timeless, so don't be thrown off by its date.

Python Developer's Guide
Information for Python's developers, including Python Enhancement Proposals (PEPs), developer FAQ, CVS source tree, and information on how to get involved. [Source: Python Software Foundation]

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