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Topic: Languages

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Cocoa for your Python? (Python DevCenter)
Those tempting little iMacs look great, but does Python work with the new OS X application framework? Stephen Figgins reports on the state of Python and Cocoa.

Scripting Cocoa with F-Script (Mac DevCenter)
F-Script by Philippe Mougin is an open-source project related to Mac OS X that has caught our eye. This lightweight object-oriented scripting layer provides interactive access to Cocoa frameworks and custom objects, and we present it here as part of our ongoing exploration into Cocoa-related tools.

Adding a Preferences Window to Your Application (Mac DevCenter)
Up to this point, this column's Cocoa projects have been single window applications. This week we'll delve into the multi-window world by adding a Preferences window, which is a staple of any application.

Mac OS X's Preferences System (and More!) (Mac DevCenter)
After tying up a few loose ends from the previous column on "Writing an Address Book Application" in Cocoa, this article will explore a couple ways to save the data for the address book program between launches, and then examine memory management issues and Mac OS X's preferences system.

Strings in Cocoa, Part 2 (Mac DevCenter)
A detailed look at NSString's path manipulation tools, and NSString's subclass, NSMutableString, which allows us to create strings with content that can be edited after their creation -- something not possible with NSString alone. Part 2 of a two-part series on strings in Cocoa.

Running Java Applications on Mac OS X (Mac DevCenter)
You can easily create double-clickable versions of Java applications for Mac OS X using MRJAppBuilder. Daniel Steinberg shows you how.

Mac Technologies Enabled for Java (Mac DevCenter)
Apple engineers have opened up a whole new range of Java/Mac possibilities by wrapping some of the Mac OS X APIs into JavaBeans. Here we look at two examples: speech synthesis and recognition, and spell-checking.

Cocoa Vs. Carbon? (Mac DevCenter)
When looking at Mac OS X frameworks to access the functionality of the system, many developers are debating Cocoa vs. Carbon. But they're not really competitors.

The Objective-C Language (Mac DevCenter)
In this third installment of Programming With Cocoa, Mike Beam explains how to send messages to objects, as well as other basics of Objective-C authoring.

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