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Topic: iPhoto

Apple’s popular iPhoto software is a gorgeous digital shoebox for downloading, organizing, printing, publishing, and touching up unlimited numbers of digital photos.

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Top Ten iPhoto Tips (Mac DevCenter)
Yes, at first glance, iPhoto appears deceptively simple. But there's a Unix-compatible database lurking beneath that beautiful Aqua surface. This article gives you five "data in" and five "data out" tips that will help you get the most from this very cool iApp.

iPhoto 1.1.1 Adds Needed Features (Mac DevCenter)
Only five months after its debut at Macworld SF, iPhoto adds substantial new features to further enhance this Mac OS X digital-imaging application.

Better Templates for iPhoto's BetterHTMLExport (Mac DevCenter)
BetterHTMLExport is a terrific plug-in for creating photo catalog Web pages directly from iPhoto. Even though the default settings are a major improvement over iPhoto's built-in HTML export, you can take your pages one step further by creating your own templates. Dave Sag shows you how to make your photo Web pages really shine in this step-by-step tutorial.

Digital Photo Goodies for Mac OS X (Mac DevCenter)
Digital photography just keeps getting better on Mac OS X. Here's a look at some great companion tools for iPhoto, including an easy way to create digital photo albums on your Palm OS device.

iPhoto Scripts and Plug-ins (Mac DevCenter)
Automate iPhoto with these nifty AppleScripts and plug-ins that are not only useful, they are free.

Inside iPhoto: Image Management for Power Shooters (Mac DevCenter)
iPhoto may look simple when you first admire its gleaming UI, but it packs enough punch for serious shooters. Here's how to make iPhoto work for you.

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