Mystifying nano Screen Issue

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Derrick Story

Derrick Story
Sep. 26, 2005 04:36 PM

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Just like everyone else in the Mac community, I've been following the discussion about the nano screen issues. There have been reports of two problems: 1) the screen seems to scratch easier than other iPods, and 2) it will actually crack under normal use.

I'm curious about these reports, especially those who say they've seen marred nanos displayed in Apple Stores (wow, talk about bad marketing if this is true!). You can review this discussion for yourself on These reports fly in the face of reviews by other sources such as ars technica that did all sorts of nasty things to their nanos and commented on their robustness -- definitely no screen cracking from carrying it in a top shirt pocket.

My 4GB black nano has not suffered any marring or screen cracking either, even though I've been testing it constantly for my previous posts. In fact, my only complaint has been that my battery doesn't last 14 hours.

So, what's the deal here? I doubt that the unsatisfied nano owners are making up stories. Why would they? And I don't think that I and other satisfied owners have been that careful handling our devices. It almost sounds like there are two types of nano screens out there... possibly from two different vendors supplying them to Apple?

If you're a nano owner, I'd like to hear your screen experiences -- good or bad. And if you have any insight as to how these things are produced, I'd love to hear from you.

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