Google Talk and iChat SSL Error - 9843

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Ernest E. Rothman

Ernest E. Rothman
Sep. 09, 2005 08:06 AM

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I've used Google Talk with iChat since the day Google Talk was announced, but since yesterday several attempts to connect to the Google Talk server with iChat failed with the error message, "An unexpected SSL error occured. [-9843]." I got the same result on three computers, with at least two different Google Talk accounts. Moreover, the Jabber-enabled clients Adium and Coccinella still work with Google Talk, and iChat still works with other Jabber servers (for example,

It may be coincidental, but iChat stopped working with Google Talk on my Macs just after I installed the Quicktime 7.02, QuickTime SDK 7.0.2, and iTunes 5.0 updates as well as the iTunes Phone Driver 1.0. I don't know what, if anything, changed in Google's IM service.

Ernest E. Rothman is a Professor of Mathematics at Salve Regina University (SRU) in Newport, Rhode Island and coauthor of Mac OS X Tiger For Unix Geeks.