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Todd Ogasawara

Todd Ogasawara
Jan. 22, 2005 12:02 PM

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I have not used an Apple Mac since 1989 (a Mac II). So, I'm approaching my potential purchase of a Mac Mini by trying to do some research and making sure I understand what I'm getting myself into as a Mac newbie. I figure other Linux and Microsoft Windows users are in the same newbie boat. So, here's some articles I've found useful.

There seems to be a little confusion on what's included in the $499 and $599 models. I figure the definitive information source is:

Mac Mini Specifications on

FYI: The Superdrive (DVD burner) is an option for both models.

Macworld has a great FAQ at...

Mac mini Frequently Asked Questions... Answered! in Macworld.

Two of the things I learned in this FAQ are that the optical drive can be noisy and that the second button on a PC mouse is natively supported by Mac OS X.

If you don't want to grab a putty knife to crack open your new Mac Mini, Macworld's Jason Snell does it for you (with photos) in...

Deconstructing Mini

AppleInsider's Kasper Jade notes that the some Apple 22 inch Cinema Displays (Model M7478LL/A) are incompatible with the Mini in...

Special Report: Apple's Mac mini in-depth

MacInTouch has a bunch of articles linked at their current top level page with information on...

Performance Comparison: eMac G4, iBook G4, iMac G5 and Mac Mini

Reader comments One interesting note here is that Apple says not to stack Mac Minis on top of each other.

iLife '05 Reader Notes

PC World's Rebecca Freed offers a couple of interesting observations in...

First Look: Apple's Mac Mini

The Wall Street Journal's Walt Mossberg offers another first look at:

With New Mac Mini, Apple Makes Switching Attractive, Affordable

Walt confirms the Macworld observation that the Mini's optical drive can be a bit noisy.

Cringely has a purely speculative piece that is an interesting read at...

Mini Me: The New Mac Mini is All About Movies by Robert X. Cringely.

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