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What Is a Flash MX Component? by Colin Moock
With the release of Flash MX, Macromedia added an extensible library of user interface widgets, known as the Flash UI Components. Colin Moock, author of ActionScript for Flash MX: The Definitive Guide, 2nd Edition, explains what these components are, and he includes several resources for creating and using them. 01/28/2003

ColdFusion MX on Mac OS X, Part 4 by Dick Applebaum
In Part 3, our port of CFMX Linux was successfuly running on the Mac. Then, on Jan 7, 2003 Macromedia announced that the combination of JRun and CFMXJ2EE are available for OS X. That changed everything! In this article we'll make the transition from the unsupported port to the fully-supported development environment using CFMX for J2EE and JRun. 01/17/2003

Consuming Amazon with Flash Remoting by Jason Michael Perry
Using Flash Remoting and Web Services, you can enable a responsive UI that searches and displays Amazon results. Jason Michael Perry shows you how to build the interface and manipulate the XML Web service. 01/09/2003

Understanding Weblogs by Wei-Meng Lee and Wei-Meng Lee
You read 'em all the time, but what makes a weblog a weblog? And how can you quickly jump in and start publishing your own? Wei Meng Lee shows you the blogging ropes. 12/30/2002

Dial-Up Revelations by Meg Hourihan
When Meg Hourihan had to return to dial-up Internet while spending a month in Paris, she had a number of revelations while waiting for her spam to download. 12/20/2002

Working with Multiple Content Sources in GoLive by Derry Thompson
GoLive allows you to add multiple content sources with ease, but extracting multiple records from one source based on multiple records from another source is beyond the scope of its current GUI. However, with some editing and using nested loops, you can manipulate data from multiple content sources for your GoLive sites. 12/10/2002

PHP with Apple's Developer Tools by John David Duncan and Apple Developer Connection
Apple's OS X developer tools were originally developed by NeXT for programmers working with Obj-C, but have since evolved for use with a wide range of languages. At the heart of these tools is an IDE called Project Builder, which is also useful for working with PHP, as this article examines. 11/27/2002

Get Lean with GoLive 6 by Derry Thompson
Those who code by hand sometimes scoff at using tools such as Adobe GoLive because these HTML editors once added unnecessay tags and produced code that failed to validate. But times have changed, and now GoLive can actually make it easier to produce lean, mean code. Derry Thompson shows you how. 11/22/2002

A Webmaster's Guide to Troubleshooting P3P by Lorrie Faith Cranor
If you're a Webmaster you know it can be a frustrating process to P3P-enable your Web sites. Lorrie Cranor, author of Web Privacy with P3P, reviews some troubleshooting strategies and lists some of the mistakes people frequently make. 11/19/2002

CSS Hints for Internet Explorer 5 by Peter-Paul Koch and Apple Developer Connection
Although widely acknowledged to have great CSS support, Internet Explorer 5 on the Mac also has several CSS issues. This article will familiarize you with the three general categories of CSS pitfalls in IE 5. 11/15/2002

Flash MX Accessibility Issues by Jason Michael Perry
Accessibility enables usability. Until the release of Flash MX and the Flash 6 player, at least 41 million disabled Web users could not take full advantage of Flash Web sites. But with the latest release, that's now changing. Jason Michael Perry shows you how to make your Flash sites accessible to as many visitors as possible. 11/08/2002

Diving into Studio MX by David Weiss
Is Studio MX easy enough that even new Web developers can create Flash-enabled sites with it? We put this question to the test, and asked David Weiss to learn Studio MX and document his experiences. Here's his tutorial. 11/01/2002

Using the SQL Select Statement in GoLive 6 by Derry Thompson
With a little knowledge of the SQL select statement, and a little editing in the source mode of GoLive 6, you can provide sophisticated search routines for your users. 10/25/2002

Google Needs People by Peter Morville
Peter Morville talks about the recent stir Google created when it launched Google News, a service Google claims was generated without human editors. Peter, coauthor of Information Architecture for the World Wide Web, 2nd Edition, thinks Google should stop denying that it needs humans. 10/11/2002

Extending GoLive 6's Dynamic Content by Derry Thompson
Learn how to get more control over your forms while utilizing the power of GoLive 6 Dynamic Content. 10/08/2002

Help! IE6 Is Blocking My Cookies by Lorrie Faith Cranor
Lorrie Cranor, author of Web Privacy with P3P offers an introduction to P3P and an overview of what you need to do to prevent IE6 from blocking your cookies. 10/04/2002

Web Services with AppleScript and Perl by Randal L. Schwartz and Apple Developer Connection
You can't create a SOAP Web service with AppleScript, but you can have it act as a SOAP Web client and use Perl to create the service. So it becomes a simple matter of passing structured data between Perl and AppleScript. Randal Schwartz explains how to enable Web services with these two scripting languages. 09/24/2002

Converting Your Site to GoLive, Part 2 by Deborah Shadovitz
In part one of this series, you learned how to convert your site from a local volume to GoLive. Here, in part two, Deb Shadovitz shows you step by step how to start using GoLive's great management tools with sites already residing on a Web server. 09/17/2002

Create Automatic Rollovers with Adobe GoLive 6
Creating rollovers has never been easier than it is now in Adobe GoLive 6. It will even find and load your rollover images, then write the JavaScript code for you. Here's how. 09/17/2002

Flash MX and the Bigger Picture: Lightweight Internet Applications by Timothy Appnel
The Web browser is beautiful but certainly not perfect, especially for transactions. Flash MX could help provide a better user experience by adding an application runtime engine to complement browser functionality. Timothy Appnel explains why. 09/05/2002

Using the Mozilla SOAP API by Scott Andrew LePera and Apple Developer Connection
With the release of Mozilla 1.0, the world now has a browser that supports SOAP natively. No longer do the tasks of assembling, executing, and handling SOAP operations fall solely on the server side. This article shows you how Web applications running in Mozilla can now make SOAP calls directly from the client without requiring a browser refresh or additional calls to the server. 08/30/2002

Converting Your Site To GoLive by Deborah Shadovitz
Adobe GoLive 6 is great if you're starting a Web site from scratch, but how do you maintain an existing site with GoLive's sophisticated tools? Deborah Shadovitz shows you how, step by step, in this first of a series of articles. 08/23/2002

A Pet Market with Flash by Dean Wampler
J2EE and .NET are big-time enterprise architectures that have sample "pet stores" to show off the merits of their applications. Now Macromedia has tossed its Milk Bone in the ring with its own demonstration, "Pet Market." Dean Wampler provides an overview to this Flash-powered application. 08/16/2002

Blogging for Dollars: Giving Rise to the Professional Blogger by Meg Hourihan
What about the notion of paying people to blog for commercial sites covering genre-specific content? By providing financial incentive for great bloggers to publish, we remove economic constraints and enable them to devote their energies full-time to producing compelling content and creating outstanding Weblogs. 08/12/2002

"Power User" Files Listing in Adobe GoLive 6
By holding down just one key in Adobe GoLive 6, you can instantly review all of your nested files and folders before uploading to your Web server, then modify your upload by simply checking and unchecking a few boxes. 08/09/2002

ColdFusion MX on Mac OS X, Part 3 by Dick Applebaum
In parts 1 and 2 of this series, Dick Applebaum provided an overview of ColdFusion MX and explained how you could run it on Mac OS X. In part 3, he shows you step by step the installation process. 08/08/2002

Flash on Mobile and Embedded Devices by Jacek Artymiak
Flash has been popular on the Web for years, but now the player is also available on mobile and embedded devices, including the Pocket PC, Sony PlayStation 2, Nokia 9200 mobile phone, and more. This means that the "mobile Flash market" is now big enough to interest developers who had stayed clear in the past. Here's how to get your feet wet. 08/02/2002

Easily Add Objects to Your Layout in Adobe GoLive 6
Adobe GoLive 6 lets you quickly add graphical objects to your layout. Everything from JPGs to tables to QuickTime movies can be incorporated with lightning speed. 07/12/2002

Link Management with Adobe GoLive by Deborah Shadovitz
GoLive has powerful site management tools that can collect all of your site's files and ensure that they all make it to the server, saving you the embarrassment of error pages and missing file icons. It also helps you make sure all of your external links are valid -- plus much more. This article provides you with a hands-on overview of link management with GoLive. 07/12/2002

ColdFusion MX on Mac OS X, Part 2 by Dick Applebaum
In Part 2 of this series, Dick Applebaum digs deeper into ColdFusion MX. First he shows you a simple example of ColdFusion code. Then he outlines ColdFusion's role in various Web scenarios. The article concludes with a step-by-step preparation list for Part 3 that covers the actual installation on Mac OS X. 07/03/2002

DOCTYPE Made Easy with Adobe GoLive 6
Adobe GoLive 6 offers an easy way to add or change the DOCTYPE for a page you're working on. So easy in fact that you'll never go without adding a DOCTYPE again. 06/28/2002

Top Ten Web Performance Tuning Tips by Patrick Killelea
In the world of Web publishing, lots of effort goes into building functionality, and to some degree into designing the user interface, but performance tuning is often overlooked in the mad rush to get to the next project. Here's a terrific list of top ten performance tips from Patrick Killelea, author of Web Performance Tuning, 2nd Edition. 06/27/2002

Easy QuickTime Slide Shows with Adobe GoLive 6
GoLive 6 includes an impressive Web video editor and one of its hidden features is the ability to easily create QuickTime slide shows. See how! 06/21/2002

ColdFusion MX on Mac OS X, Part 1 by Dick Applebaum
ColdFusion is a system for rapidly deploying Web sites, particularly those that interact with databases. Until recently, Mac developers weren't able to run CF directly on their Apple hardware. But with Mac OS X's Java implementation, CF on a Mac is now possible. In this first part of a multipart series Dick Applebaum begins with an introduction to ColdFusion itself. 06/21/2002

Colin Moock on Flash MX by Richard Koman
Richard Koman talks with Colin Moock, the author of O'Reilly's Actionscript: The Definitive Guide, about Macromedia's re-christened suite of MX applications and how they can be used to develop Web services and richer interfaces. 06/18/2002

Keeping Track of File Usage in Adobe GoLive 6
Want to know how many times a particular page, such as your "Contacts" info, is listed throughout your site? GoLive 6 makes it easy. Here's how. 06/14/2002

What We're Doing When We Blog by Meg Hourihan
Many journalists who write about the blogging phenomenon miss some of the key elements of this medium. Meg Hourihan, a respected blogger herself, discusses both the structure and the intent of weblogging ... just to set the record straight. 06/13/2002

Create Tables Easily in GoLive 6
You can create custom tables by simply clicking and dragging in GoLive 6. Here's how. 06/07/2002

SVG On the Rise by Dean Jackson
Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) are working their way into the fabric of the Web and mobile devices. SVG Working Group member Dean Jackson outlines SVG's progress and builds a case for its growth in popularity. 06/06/2002

Find and Fix Common Page Title Errors in Adobe GoLive 6
If you're using the site management tool in GoLive 6, you can globally find missing page titles and fix them without ever opening the actual page. Here's how! 05/31/2002

My Blog, My Outboard Brain by Cory Doctorow
Cory Doctorow explains how blogging has given direction and reward to his "knowledge grazing," creating a repository that helps him connect the dots in the flow of information around him. This column is an excerpt from the upcoming O'Reilly book Essential Blogging. 05/31/2002

GoLive 6: Adobe's Open Source Embrace by Glenn Fleishman
It's not your newbie's GoLive anymore. Version 6 supports ASP, JSP, and the Internet-favorite PHP for database integration of content, plus a full set of preconfigured servers for both Mac OS X and Windows XP/2000. Glenn Fleishman shows you how to fire up this hot rod. 05/31/2002

Cross-Browser Animation by Dave Thau and Apple Developer Connection
With DHTML you can animate both text and images allowing objects to move throughout the browser window instead of being anchored in one spot. Unfortunately, DHTML can be tricky because of differences between browsers. In this article you'll learn how to overcome this and animate text and images for even performance across most browsers. 05/24/2002

SWF Is Not Flash (and Other Vectored Thoughts) by Jacek Artymiak
With increased interest in SVG, some are saying Flash technology might be on its way out. "Not so fast," says Jacek Artymiak. Flash has more to offer than many realize. 05/21/2002

Generate Page Thumbnails in Adobe GoLive 6
If you're using the site management tool in GoLive 6, the File Inspector includes a Content tab, which is a very easy way to preview graphics and Web pages without opening them. 05/17/2002

PHP Powers FreeMovie API for Flash by Jacek Artymiak
The FreeMovie project attempts to create a high–level API to the Macromedia Flash (SWF) file format. Unlike other libraries, FreeMovie is not written in C or C++. Instead, the first implementation of FreeMovie was written in PHP. Jacek Artymiak introduces you to the FreeMovie package and shows you how to get started. 05/10/2002

Move Previous Sites to Adobe GoLive 6
GoLive 6 lets you import entire sites created with other tools and manage them with its extensive site management tools. 05/10/2002

The Highlight Palette in Adobe GoLive 6
Adobe GoLive 6 provides a new feature that allows you to highlight any aspect of your Web page such as specific tags, CSS statements, or JavaScript code. 05/03/2002

The Sanctity of Elements, or Why You Shouldn't be Double-clicking in a textarea by Meg Hourihan
The customer is always um, er, well, the customer. This month Meg Hourihan delves into client relations and offers tips that might help you maintain happy customers and good UI. 05/03/2002

Split Source Code View in Adobe GoLive
Adobe GoLive Tip of the Week No. 1. 04/30/2002

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