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Swaine Manor

I'm Mike Swaine, which accounts for half the title. I bought my first Mac in 1985, was writing and publishing (as editor-in-chief of Dr. Dobb's Journal) articles on Mac programming that same year, wrote four different monthly columns for MacUser magazine (on HyperCard, system tweaking, the Internet, and whatever), wrote a couple of books on Mac programming (OK, on HyperTalk and REALbasic, but some of us call that programming), and still work on Macs, running a network of them for the family business.

The Manor part of the title is of course an homage to Science fiction writer and perennial Byte magazine columnist Jerry Pournelle. Or to Batman. Or to Jerry Pournelle as Batman; maybe we'll find out which over the ensuing months.

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Mad Macs and the Unshredder
Maybe Apple Computer should avoid all that nasty litigation with Apple Corps and simply change its name. How about Mad Macs? Michael Swaine thinks outside of the music box. Apr. 27, 2004

Expo Speculations
Macworld SF has many of us thinking about how 2004 will unfold for Apple and its customers. Michael Swaine looks at the iPod, Disney, hardware manufacturing, a headless iMac, a Mac tablet, and more. Jan. 5, 2004

Welcome to Swaine Manor
Swaine Manor is a new column for Mac DevCenter written by technology veteran Michael Swaine. In this debut, Michael comments on dancing with Apple, Mac rumors, REALbasic, and more. Jul. 18, 2003