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Developing for Mac OS X

This series of interviews and articles is designed to help the emerging developer bring new applications to the Mac platform. Topics include building programs, but just as important, marketing and selling them too. This series is your opportunity to learn from those who actively bringing their ideas to marketplace.
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Further Your CS Development with Mac OS X
As the new school year approaches, Julie Starr has some ideas about what type of computer CS students should be considering. We'll give you a hint: It isn't a Windows box. Aug. 13, 2004

Creating Easy-to-Deploy Unix Applications for OS X
With OS X's Unix foundations came the promise of access to thousands of Unix applications for Mac users. But if those applications are hard to install, configure and use, everyone loses. Mark Roseman describes some of the most common obstacles to deploying Unix software on Mac OS X -- and how to overcome them. Oct. 24, 2003

Start Me Up: Writing and Understanding OS X StartupItems
StartupItems are easy to set up and extremely flexible in managing the startup process. Andrew Anders shows how StartupItems fit into the OS X startup process, what you need to do to create a StartupItem, and an example of a StartupItem that will run the Tomcat Java servlet engine. Oct. 21, 2003

Programming REALbasic, Part 1: Syntax of the Language
Wei-Meng Lee helps you leverage existing skills to get started in Mac development using REALbasic. In part 1, he introduces the REALbasic syntax for experienced programmers who are new to Mac development. Oct. 17, 2003

PackageMaker Pro Tips
One of the best and easiest to use of Apple's developer tools is PackageMaker, a utility that helps you create installer packages. Andrew Anderson walks you through the basic features, then shows you how easy it is to create custom installer packages for your software. Sep. 16, 2003

Developing Visualization Applications with Cocoa and VTK, Part 2
In Part 1 you learned how to install VTK, create a project in Project Builder, and modify the VTK classes to integrate them into Cocoa. This time around you'll actually create an application which incorporates elements of Cocoa and VTK. Mar. 25, 2003

Developing Visualization Applications with Cocoa and VTK
You can turn your garden variety iBook into a powerful scientific ally by creating visualization apps using Cocoa and VTK. Drew McCormack shows you how to set this up and get started. Feb. 11, 2003

Software Strategies for Emerging Developers
When considering what type of software you want to bring to the market, which appeals to you: proprietary, shareware, open source, or freeware? Ruffnex, the creator of StreamRipper X, puts some cards on the table for you to consider how to play your hand. Jan. 24, 2003

Breaking into the Business: An Interview with Michael Matas
How does Omni Group continue to pile up design awards for its applications? In part, it's because they hire great talent, such as Michael Matas, who had previously designed the Watson icon before joining OG's creative team. You might be surprised by Michael's background and some of his opinions about design. Read for yourself in this candid interview. Nov. 1, 2002

Building Mac Applications Using REALbasic 4.5 for Mac OS X
"In my programming work I mostly use VB.NET on the .NET platform, so when I went searching for a VB equivalent in the Mac world, I was delighted to find REALbasic, which is a development environment on the Mac platform that uses the modern version of the Basic programming language," says author Wei-Meng Lee in his introduction to REALbasic.  Oct. 29, 2002

The Do's and Don'ts of Shareware, Part 3
In the final installment in this series, Sanford Selznick describes how to handle payment processing, distribution, and marketing of your new application. Solid information helpful to beginning and experienced developers alike. Oct. 25, 2002

The Do's and Don'ts of Shareware, Part 2
In part two, Sanford Selznick discusses writing and testing maintainable code, assembling a deliverable package, and marketing and distributing your software. Oct. 8, 2002

The Do's and Don'ts of Shareware, Part 1
In part one, Sanford Selznick pours the foundation upon which to build your emerging software enterprise. Sep. 30, 2002

Interview with Watson's Dan Wood
You'd think that after his tangle with Apple over Sherlock 3, Dan Wood would be telling developers to run for the hills, unless you know Dan Wood. In this interview he talks about Watson, Sherlock 3, and the direction of the Internet. Sep. 26, 2002