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AppleScripting Mac OS X

AppleScript is a vital element in many high-end publishing departments, and it's a favorite scripting language among Mac power users. Apple has acknowledged the importance of AppleScript and has renewed its effort to support this technology. Articles in this area show some of the creative ways you can use AppleScript in your computing.
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Scripting Mac OS X
As an administrator, when you think of automating tasks, you naturally think of scripting. James Reynolds shows you how to apply a variety of scripting languages to automate your workflow on Mac OS X. Nov. 7, 2003

Ant and AppleScript
Tools from the AppleScript and Java communities can help each other create new things. For example, programmers can use Ant to help develop AppleScripts, and AppleScript can help produce Java applications. David Miller shows you how to make it all stick together. Oct. 3, 2003

Control Your Mac from Afar
Do you want to control your Mac, or one that you're responsible for, from a remote location? If you're running Mac OS X, you can take advantage of a variety of built-in Unix and AppleScript tools to control your computer from afar. Harold Martin shows you how. Sep. 19, 2003

Controlling Your Mac with AppleScript and Java
AppleScript, while a fantastic language for running scripts locally, has minimal support for doing anything else, like sockets or serving Web pages. This is where AppleScript and Java form a powerful team. Scott D.W. Rankin shows you how to put this dynamic duo to work to control your Mac from remote locations. Feb. 25, 2003

Cleaning iTunes
The Gracenote CD Database is a handy tool to help us classify music in our iTunes databases, but the CDDB is not perfect. brian d foy shows you how to easily tidy up your records by using iTunes' built-in tools and a little AppleScript. Jan. 17, 2003

Variables Inside Cocoa Objects
AppleScript's integration with Mac OS X goes beyond the Finder. Brad Dominy continues his exploration of AppleScript and Cocoa by looking at access to instance variables inside Cocoa objects. In the process, he examines the Core Text Suite included with Cocoa.  Apr. 12, 2002

Integrating AppleScript and Cocoa
In this tutorial, Brad Dominy takes you behind the scenes in Mac OS X and describes the scripting system found in Cocoa, and then shows how it relates to OS X's overall built-in scripting.  Feb. 22, 2002

AppleScript Primer for Mac OS X
Curious about AppleScript for Mac OS X but don't know where to start? Get going here with a look at how AppleScript works with AppleScript Studio, Unix Shell, Terminal App, Web services, and more. Yes, AppleScript works with all those environments! Feb. 1, 2002

An Introduction to AppleScript on Mac OS X
Many people don't realize that AppleScript has continued to mature along with the evolution of the Mac OS. James Dominy explains why scripting on the Mac is easier and more powerful than ever, and he shows you how to add the power of AppleScript to your Cocoa work. Dec. 11, 2001