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Designing for Aqua

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The Aqua Designer's Toolbox
Carpenters, engineers, baristas -- they all have their favorite tools. Graphic designers are no different. Whether you're new to the Mac platform, or interested in expanding your toolset, here's an overview of select design tools for Mac OS X. Jul. 16, 2002

An Interview with Ivor St. John Clarke About Aquafying Office X
In this column Alan Graham interviews Ivor St. John Clarke of Simple Factors. Before starting his own UI design firm, Ivor was a Microsoft program manager in charge of guiding the transition to Aqua. He provides a behind-the-scenes peek at the transformation of Office X. Jun. 11, 2002

Designing a Great UI the Aqua Way
Designing a clean, attractive user interface is the best way to show off your brilliant programming. Alan Graham shows you the dos and don'ts of UI design in Aqua. Nov. 16, 2001

Red, White, and ... Aqua
Good Aqua citizens follow the design guidelines set forth by Apple. But the results can deliver success for your Mac OS X application. Alan Graham shows you how to apply the rules to distinguish your work from the competition's. Aug. 31, 2001

Introduction to 3D Rendering for Aqua Icons
Apple has specified camera angles and lighting techniques for its Mac OS X icons. This week, Alan Graham helps you understand those guidelines and shows you some of the tricks of the trade to create compelling Aqua icons that have 3D effects. Jun. 22, 2001

Creating Photorealistic Icons for Mac OS X
A stunning icon will give your new Mac OS X application or dockling that professional look. Here's a step-by-step guide for creating photorealistic icons for Mac OS X. May. 24, 2001