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Writers' Talk is your opportunity to overhear conversations by O'Reilly authors about breaking technology news. The online conversations are copied from the chat client and published on the O'Reilly Network. We try to retain as much of the look and feel of a live discussion as possible. You then have the opportunity to add your views at the end of the discussion using our "Talk Back" function.
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A Chat on the Wonders of iTools
Rael Dornfest chats with Derrick Story about the wonders of Apple's iTools -- a truly underrated benefit of Mac membership. Plus a nice side discussion on WebDAV. Mar. 12, 2002

A Chat with "The Joy of Tech" Creators
There's no such thing as a dull conversation with Nitrozac and Snaggy, the co-creators of "The Joy of Tech." See for yourself in this unedited AIM chat. Feb. 19, 2002

Writers' Talk With Corey Marion of the Iconfactory
Among the many transitions that developers are grappling with while learning how to create new applications for Mac OS X, designing compelling icons that show adequate branding while adhering to Apple guidelines has become a challenge for many. We chatted with Corey Marion of Iconfactory to sort out the details. Jun. 15, 2001

Writers' Talk With Guest Wil Shipley
Have you tried the OmniWeb 4.0 browser on OS X? O'Reilly Network managing editor Derrick Story is impressed with its interface and performance. In this dialogue, he and Aqua columnist Alan Graham chat with Wil Shipley, who designed and coded the browser's interface. May. 11, 2001

Talking About Life With Mac OS X
A pilot installment of a new series called "Writers' Talk" where O'Reilly Network editor Derrick Story chats with Network columnists on AIM about Mac OS X. Apr. 27, 2001