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Mac Dev News Roundup

An informal round up of the latest news, updates, and inventions from the Apple developer community.
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Flying High with AirPort
This first-person account by airline pilot Jim Dearien details setting up an AirPort network and getting his legacy PCs to work on it. This adventure was motivated by one goal: he wanted to buy his first Mac. See how Jim pulled it off. May. 28, 2002

Total OS X Preview
Macworld magazine and O'Reilly team up to produce a special Mac OS X issue. The package includes a beefy edition of Macworld mag, a separate tips and tricks guide, and two full CDs. Apr. 9, 2002

iPhoto Scripts and Plug-ins
Automate iPhoto with these nifty AppleScripts and plug-ins that are not only useful, they are free. Feb. 5, 2002

Sneak Peek at Canvas 8 for Mac OS X
Canvas 8 for Mac OS X could be considered an IDE for web artists. Here's a sneak peek at this new release. Sep. 21, 2001

Rootless X Server on Mac OS X
Here's how to configure your Mac OS X computer to run a program with an X Windows interface directly over Aqua. Aug. 14, 2001

X on X
Because Mac OS X is based on Darwin, it's possible to shut down Core Graphics and install XFree86 to access your X11-based programs. Here's one BSD user's experience. Jul. 10, 2001

Unix for the Rest of Us
Did you know that BSD is much older than its rival Linux and predates the personal computer? Learn more about the history of BSD and Mac OS X from Peter Fraterdeus.  Jun. 8, 2001

An Open Source File Updater
Mac network administrators will be happy to read about this open source project that enables them to set up their own client/server software update application. May. 30, 2001

Mac OS X and Battery Life
Laptops running Mac OS X drain batteries faster because they actually "stay awake" during sleep, right? Well ... not exactly. We pop the hood on Mac OS X 10.0.3 and see what is really going on. May. 15, 2001

Mac OS X: Another View
Scot Walker has put together a substantial list of things he likes about Mac OS X, which is much different than many of the less-detailed reviews of the new OS that I've read. Apr. 17, 2001

Scuttlebutt: Torvalds Thinks OS X Is Crap
In a report by Bill Knight of ZDNet U.K., Linus Torvalds rips Mac OS X saying, "Frankly, I think it's a piece of crap." But he really seems to be ripping Mac OS 9. Apr. 9, 2001

The Death of HyperCard?
With the release of Mac OS X, the venerable HyperCard application is in danger of extinction unless it is carbonized. It is time to let go and say goodbye, or should it be saved? Mar. 29, 2001

Mac Dev News Roundup
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G3 vs G3 | Maya Beta | iTunes | Conference
The launch of Mac Dev News Roundup, which brings you up to date in three minutes or less. Mar. 2, 2001