Mac Hacks

Fun, useful, and possibly mischievous things you can do with your Macintosh.
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Kiosk Mode in Internet Explorer 5
If you use IE 5 to display your wares at tradeshows, but don't want your Mac trashed by visitors, this hack is for you. Apr. 27, 2001

IE 5: Printing Framesets
One of the problems with IE 5 for the Mac is the Print command only prints the active frame. There's no way to print an entire frameset -- unless you know the hack. Apr. 4, 2001

Mac Hacks: Wild Hard Drive
AppleScript is some powerful juju. Here's how to quickly create a self-launching script that causes the hard drive icon to dance about the screen after start up. Mar. 16, 2001

Mac Hacks: The Launch
Want to discover interesting and useful hacks for Mac OS? Have a hack of your own you'd like to share? Try O'Reilly's new Mac Hacks column with "Talk Back" functionality.  Mar. 9, 2001