David Collier-Brown

Performance Engineer & Capacity Planner

Areas of Expertise:

  • samba
  • performance
  • capacity
  • porting
  • LD_PRELOAD libraries
  • solaris
  • linux
  • consulting
  • speaking
  • writing
David Collier-Brown is a consulting systems integrator, formerly at Sun Opcom in Toronto. He is also the co-author of the first edition of Using Samba. In his spare time he reads assiduously, keeps score for his wife's baseball team and, in the two weeks of the local summer, fixes stuff at the cottage.

Samba Pocket Reference Samba Pocket Reference
by Jay Ts , Robert Eckstein , David Collier-Brown
Second Edition April 2003
Print: $9.95
Ebook: $7.99

Using Samba Using Samba
by Jay Ts , Robert Eckstein , David Collier-Brown
Second Edition February 2003

Samba Pocket Reference Samba Pocket Reference
by Robert Eckstein , David Collier-Brown , Peter Kelly
April 2001

Using Samba Using Samba
by Robert Eckstein , David Collier-Brown , Peter Kelly
November 1999

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David blogs at:

Agile is Anal ... and that's good

December 01 2010

I got dragged into an Agile project a few years back, and expected to hate it. My background is with fixed-price and (semi-)formal-methods projects, so I was wasn't expecting to enjoy the experience. I was pleasantly surprised: the people I... read more

My Canadian Copyright Consultation submission

August 24 2009

The Parliament of Canada recently started a public consultation on what changes should be made to Canadian copyright law, after loud public condemnation of a set of proposals a few years ago. Having made more instead of less, because "Using Samba" was available electronically, it behooved me to tell Parliament… read more

An Interesting Time-Sliced Cloud

August 23 2009

n this month's IEEE Computer, there's an interesting article about using a Cloud in a non-business critical environment, mixed academic and high-performance computing. In their cloud, a professor can book a set of machines for a particular time each week for a lab, or a student can book a particular… read more

Do You Need Capacity Planning for Cloud Computing?

July 12 2009

On first glance, a properly-done cloud computing agreement sounds like it should save a customer company the work of doing any capacity planning at all. You can let the cloud supplier do all the work. However, even the best cloud service is more expensive than running your own small data… read more

Manage Your Performance with Cgroups and Projects

June 29 2009

Imagine for a moment that you're a capacity planner for a successful LAMP-based web site, and management has just "gifted" you with a new reporting program. You now have to somehow shoehorn it onto the server without hurting the performance of the existing programs. Insoluble problem? Not a bit! All you… read more

Why "Twice Service Time"?

June 19 2009

A colleague asked me why I said to use a ratio of response time to service time of 2:1 in Sizing to Fail. Was it just magic, or was there any science behind it? It turns out to be a range, found by observation, rather like the number of things… read more

Sizing to Fail

May 30 2009

Out of your management asks you for a sizing estimate for the program in production, with 1500 users. You've only ever tested with 100 simulated users in JMeter, you don't have a machine big enough to test 1500 users on, and management need the answer by the end of today.… read more

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