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Duane Nikull works as a senior technical evangelist for Adobe Systems, Inc. The main focus of his professional career (http://www.nickull.net) has been to work for both the United Nations CEFACT committee and OASIS for the purposes of writing and building new architectures for global integration of multiple systems.

Since 1996, he has worked on multiple enterprise architectures including many service oriented architectures (SOA) within various standards bodies including W3C, UN/CEFACT, OASIS and others. He has also contributed to many SOA papers and articles on service oriented architecture. His focus has shifted towards many web service standards in recent years.

He has worked on many other interesting technologies including the first contextual XML Search Engine, an Alternative fuel hydrogen project and the new UN/CEFACT eBusiness Architecture and related technologies.

Web 2.0 Architectures Web 2.0 Architectures
by James Governor , Dion Hinchcliffe , Duane Nickull
May 2009
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Rabbit Turds: Why I dislike NoSQL and Big-Data

December 13 2012

Don't get me wrong on this one.  I love and use (and even teach others how to use) graph database's like Neo4J and others who label themselves "NoSQL' such as MongoDB.   I also don't have anything against someone who owns an ultra large piece of data.  It is the… read more

Android Winning the Mobile War?

December 12 2012

According to Google Chairman and co-founder Erik Schmidt, Google's Android mobile and wireless device is winning the handset war hands down.   Independent Analyst firm IDC confirms this with the numbers coming in for Q3 2012 that Android enjoyed a 75% market share over iOS's runner up spot at 14.9%.… read more

The Fragile Rotting Web

December 11 2012

Today Michael Arrington said what the rest of us were thinking. The title of Michael's article is "They Screwed Us. Right Before They Screwed Us Again. #poohead". The TechCrunch story just scratches the surface for me.  Dude - where is my internet?  The answer is that it is rotting from… read more

Safeway: a Case Study why Regular Security Audits are Required

November 20 2012

A Security Audit is part of any company's IT practice and must be done on a regular basis. A more specialized computer security audit is combination of a manual or systematic technical assessment of a system or systems and all objects win the context in which they are run,… read more

Logic Fail!

November 12 2012

A logic fail is perhaps one of the most epic types of fails.   It resonates as funny to many who are not directly involved with the topic while often leaving the person who was responsible for the fail scratching their head wondering what it is we are all… read more

When Apples go bad

November 09 2012

Sometimes pictures are worth more than words.  Here is a great one from OSX 10.8.6 whereby a network diagnostic tool can't quite seem to understand itself. This next one is from the same computer but inspired by Microsoft's latest antics.    We've come such a long way since 1995! Original… read more

The Ultimate Free Boaters Reference Mobile Applicaton!

November 05 2012

Technoracle Advanced Systems Inc. has continued to work on advancing mobile capabilities by building consumer applications.   Developing a specialty in Mobile/Wireless device eForms, we have recently completed the Insta-Captain Boater's Friend.  This mobile app runs on Android currently (iOS version awaiting approval). Insta-Captain Boaters Friend is the ultimate (and… read more

Understanding the Different Flavors of Windows

October 23 2012

I've been a Linux and OSX user for as long as I can remember but windows has always been a standby.  Even in today's height of Apple popularity, it is often necessary to have at least one Windows machine at our office.  For testing our PDF to mobile forms… read more

(Almost) Free Flex Course and Tutorial

October 22 2012

Since parting company with Adobe in November 2011, I have wondered what to do with my Flex and AIR expertise.  My new company (Technoracle Advanced Systems Inc.) is focusing in a new direction and we have an alpha produce that can translate PDF forms into mobile forms that run… read more

Document tracking at it's finest!

October 01 2012

One of Technoracle Advanced Systems (my new company) customers has launched a great service today that allows document users to track the use of and control their documents over the lifecycle of the document.  They have built a very simplified and powerful web based interface to enable users to avoid… read more
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