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Giles Turnbull has been a professional journalist and writer since 1995, and freelance since 2000. His main areas of interest include computing, Mac OS X, cyberculture, web applications, productivity, low-cost computing, gadgets, digital photography, parenting, environmentalism, science, and the weather. He lives in the beautiful town of Bradford on Avon, England, with his wife and son. He has a web site at

Your Life in Web Apps Your Life in Web Apps
by Giles Turnbull
June 2006
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A Good Idea: Genius For The App Store

November 19 2008

There's so many new apps appearing on the App Store, how can anyone keep track of what interests them? Apple's Genius playlist technology, currently restricted to just music, might be one answer. read more

An interesting study on iPhone usability

November 10 2008

Strategic research company Create With Context has published a fascinating presentation online, titled How people really use the iPhone. read more

The wonderful world of appvertising

October 21 2008

When you mix apps with adverts, you get appverts. They've started to appear on the App Store, but do they deserve space there? And what do developers think of building them anyway? read more

PhoneFinger Gives A Helping Hand

October 14 2008

Here's a desktop app to make iPhone developers smile read more

Apple's mad MailWrangler moment

September 22 2008

Another week, another app (email client MailWrangler) is banned from the App Store for the reason that it is too close to something Apple installs on the device by default, its mail client. This is madness on Apple’s part. What... read more

Idiots on the App Store: a necessary evil?

September 22 2008

Comment on the App Store are getting dumb and dumberer. Does having "FIRST!" posted under your app's entry in the store reflect well on you, your app, and on the Store in general? read more

iPhone app investment thriving

September 16 2008

The Kleiner Perkins iFund, a $100 million bucket of cash set aside specifically to invest in iPhone application development, has so far used up $30 million on five products. read more

A bright future for corporate iPhone OS dev?

August 28 2008

Sadly I have only half a post for you today; I was hoping for something much more detailed, in order to spark off some debate. Alas, only half the tale can be told. But perhaps we can have the debate... read more

Hello. Again.

July 23 2008

New Inside iPhone contributor Giles Turnbull says hello. read more

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Giles Turnbull