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Hacking Digital Photography

by Derrick Story
Mac Newsletter for 05/14/2004

Dear Mac Reader,

It's funny, we as technologists will noodle with our computers, cell phones, car stereos, and just about anything else with silicon chips and a power source. But when it comes to our digital cameras, we take them at face value.

The irony is that digital cameras are extremely hackable, as are the images they produce. I've just emerged from months of fiddling, tapping, attaching, tweaking, inverting, and sometimes perverting images and the cameras that make them, to see what the potential is for this medium and its devices.

The original daunting task of pulling together 100 industrial-strength tips and tools has faded in my rear view mirror. The book, "Digital Photography Hacks," recently escaped from O'Reilly's warehouse and is loose on the streets. But my addiction persists. I've continued to stretch, spin, alter, and magnify imagery into the wee hours of the night. So I've decided to publish a handful of these new creative solutions to augment the book.

In the article, "The Missing Digital Photography Hacks," I add hacks #101 through #105. Lots of good stuff in there. Each of them stand on their own feet, so you don't even need the original 100 in the book to start hacking today.

I hope you have time to stop by and play. I think the digital camera is one of the most versatile input devices ever created. Visit Mac DevCenter and see for yourself.

Until next time,

Derrick Story
Mac DevCenter Editor

Featured Articles

The Missing Digital Photography Hacks
The quest to compile compelling hacks is not something I can just turn off now that Digital Photography Hacks has hit the streets. It's an addictive process. And I admit it; I can't stop. So here are five brand-new tips for you to explore.

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RAW, iPhoto, and Mac OS X
iPhoto does an excellent job of breaking digital photography's chain of pain, that is, as long as the files are JPEGs or TIFFs. That's because iPhoto does not support RAW files, at least not directly. If your current workflow depends on iPhoto, you might be feeling left out in the cold with all the current hub-bub about using RAW capture. Don't. Derrick Story shows you how to have your iPhoto and shoot RAWs, too.

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