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New Developer Journal

by Derrick Story
Mac Newsletter for 03/19/2004

Dear Mac Reader,

The latest Mac Developer Journal has just hit the wire. It's brimming with lots of geeky stuff, including many of your suggested improvements from the first issue.

Before I get to those, however, I want to talk about the content. Take a look at the in-depth pieces we've included:

  • Two articles on Search Kit, both intense
  • A Rendezvous sample app and how to build it
  • NSTableView
  • Cocoa problem-solving tips
  • Using Cocoa inside of Carbon
  • Interview with Rich Siegel
  • REALbasic revisited
  • Unix shell scripts for Mac OS X
  • CVS and Eclipse
  • Squeezebox
  • How to capture iChat video and save as QuickTime
  • And more...

I'm truly thrilled with this lineup, and I'm thinking you might enjoy reading it too.

Then there's the matter of the Zinio reader itself. I lobbied for as many of your recommended improvements as I could, and some of them are already implemented in this issue. More to follow soon.

The real biggie was removing the two-page print limit and being able to output to the printer or to .pdf. If you want to convert the entire mag for perusing in Preview, or on paper, be my guest.

But the Zinio reader is also improved, and you might want to give it another try. One big advantage to this approach is that all of the hypertext links work in Zinio, but are disabled when saved to .pdf. Your choice, and that's the most important thing.

Subscribers also receive member access to the Mac Developer Journal Forum, which includes all sorts of nifty benefits, including high-level conversation about OS X technologies. You can take a peek at this url:

As you can tell, I've very pleased with the progress of this publication. For the serious developers in our Mac DevCenter audience, I believe the Journal is the perfect complement to our online publishing.

There's more to discuss about the Journal than what I have time for here, such as how you can download code listed in the tutorials, and new features that are still in the works, but for now I want to urge you to take a look at the current sample:

And if you like what you see, please subscribe here:

And as always, your feedback is welcome.

Until next time,

Derrick Story
Mac DevCenter Editor

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