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Your Thoughts?

by Derrick Story
Mac Newsletter for 03/05/2004

Dear Mac Reader,

Last year's survey of Mac DevCenter readers was a big success. Our audience showed up in greater numbers than any of our other technology sites. The ensuing results helped prove that Mac DevCenter deserves continued support from Apple and O'Reilly. And best of all, I learned more about what you want to see on the site.

If you want to review last year's summary, take a look at the follow-up article I published:

This coming Tuesday evening, March 9, we're launching the second annual Mac DevCenter reader survey. The information you provide will help us make important decisions about the web site, our books, and the upcoming Mac OS X Conference this October. As before, I promise to summarize the results and feed them back to you via an article.

Please take a few moments to stop by and complete the online questionnaire. Once again, we want bragging rights for having the most active audience, and we want to tailor our Mac offerings to best meet your needs.

As always, thanks for your support,

Derrick Story
Mac DevCenter Editor

Featured Articles

Scheduling Tasks in Panther
Mac OS X gives you several tools to help execute tasks at certain times of day and on a regular basis. To manage this, the system uses a set of utilities called cron and periodic. In this book excerpt from Running Mac OS X Panther, James Duncan Davidson takes you inside the ticking brain of your Mac.

Listening to Bluetooth (or at least trying to)
Using iChat AV with a Bluetooth-enabled headset has great potential and some immediate benefits. Dori Smith has wrestled with the configuration and shows you what works, what almost works, and what to look out for. Dori is the coauthor of Mac OS X Unwired.

Cleaning iPhoto
When you have thousands of images in iPhoto, and don't have time to cull them manually, scripting starts to look very appealing. brian d foy shows you some helpful AppleScripts and Perl scripts you can use to clean up your iPhoto libraries.

bash on Mac OS X
In the migration from Jaguar to Panther, one of the lesser discussed changes has been the switch from tcsh to bash as the default shell (for new accounts). In this article, David Miller delves into affected areas, such as aliases and environment variables, to help you make the transition.

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