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by Derrick Story
Mac Newsletter for 02/20/2004

Dear Mac Reader,

I have a couple of book-related things to cover that I think will interest you. First on the list, excerpting O'Reilly book content on Mac DevCenter.

If you look at the current lineup of O'Reilly books focused on the Mac platform, you'll see that we've been busy the last few years. I've reviewed the titles and the content inside, and I've seen lots of good stuff that I know Mac DevCenter readers would enjoy.

Starting in March, I'm going to publish selected excerpts on a regular basis. Some of you have sent me topic lists that you're interested in reading about, and I'll refer to those as I make selections. If you haven't sent me any suggestions, please do so and I'll keep them in mind as I plan the editorial calendar.

I don't see these excerpts as a substitute for original content submitted by readers. But I do think it will help me plug some of the holes, especially with topics I have a hard time finding writers to cover.

Speaking of books, one of my current favorites is "Running Mac OS X Panther" by James Duncan Davidson. If ever a published piece was tailored perfectly for the Mac DevCenter audience, this is it. James takes you inside the core of Mac OS X, shows you how to maneuver about, and does so in a clear, easy-to-read manner. This is power user and developer heaven. If you haven't investigated this title yet, you can do so here:

And you can bet this is one of the books that I'll be sharing content from on Mac DevCenter in the near future.

As always, thanks for your support,

Derrick Story
Mac DevCenter Editor

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