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New DevCenter Features

by Derrick Story
Mac Newsletter for 12/05/2003

Dear Mac Reader,

As part of our ongoing Mac DevCenter improvements, we've made a few additions lately that I want you to know about.

If you look at the "Content" box located in the top left corner of the home page, you'll see two new entries: Inside Mac Radio and Mac OS X Innovators. Inside Mac Radio contains links to free MP3 interviews created by Scott Sheppard of OSXFAQ.

Our first batch focuses on the personalities who visited during the O'Reilly Mac OS X Conference, including Rick LePage, Andy Ihnatko, Paul Kafasis, folks from Pixar Animation Studios, and lots more. We'll be adding content to this section on a regular basis. You can download as much as you want and listen to it on your Mac or iPod. It's pro quality all the way!

The new link to the Mac OS X Innovators page contains past and ongoing interviews with Mac developers who have found a way to suceed in this competitive market. I've just added a new chat with Oliver Breidenbach of Boinx Software. He has many insights that I know you will find both helpful and entertaining. We're going to continue adding developer interviews and other goodies to this page, so keep it on your radar.

Also, I want to point out that all of the News listed in the right column is handpicked by me from our RSS feed. If you're publishing RSS content and would like to be included on Mac DevCenter, drop me a line with a brief description of your site and the RSS link.

Finally, I'd like to add another one or two Mac bloggers to our weblog bucket. Please send me your suggestions, and I'll follow through. I think our weblogs are an integral part of our overall Mac publishing on O'Reilly.

As always, thanks for reading and supporting our site.

Until next time,

Derrick Story
Mac DevCenter Editor

Featured Articles

Interview with Oliver Breidenbach of Boinx Software
Boinx's Software's iStopMotion enables users to create sophisticated stop-motion animation movies with nothing more than an iSight and a Mac OS X computer. It recently captured first place in the International division of the Mac OS X Innovators Contest. Oliver Breidenbach is the public face for Boinx, and I had the chance to talk with him about Mac software development, marketing, and how to survive in this business.

Collaborative Editing with Rendezvous
Apple's adoption of Zeroconf networking (branded as "Rendezvous") has opened the door to new ways of sharing information on local networks. In this article, Wei Meng Lee shows you how to use two collaborative editing tools: SubEthaEdit and iStorm.

iPod as Digital Photographer's Best Friend
Yes, the iPod can store thousands of songs. But now you can use it to upload thousands of pictures too, directly from the memory card. And thanks to Panther, that's only the beginning of what is sure to become an indispensable tool for many digital photographers.

Faxing in Panther
Are you neglecting your modem because you no longer use dialup for Internet connectivity? Thanks to Panther, you can breath new life into your modem by using it as a built-in fax machine. Wei Meng Lee shows you the ins and outs of this new Mac OS X 10.3 feature.

Gifts and Gadgets for the Geek Minded
Here's a great line up of goodies and gadgets to bestow upon technically-minded friends, family, (and maybe one for you). Terrie Miller has tested each of these entries in this year's holiday gift giving guide.

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