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Night of Panther

by Derrick Story
Mac Newsletter for 10/24/2003

Dear Mac Reader,

I want to do something special to celebrate the release of Panther, Mac OS X 10.3 on Friday, October 24, 8 p.m. Since there will be "Night of Panther" events all across the land, I thought it would be fun if I posted a Panther weblog encouraging people who attended various gatherings at Apple stores and user group meetings to post comments about their impressions. And for those of you toting digicams, I'm hoping you'll post links to your .Mac site featuring the pictures you took.

If you want to contribute to this online reportage, here are a few items you might want to include in your post:

What time Friday did you arrive at the store?
How many people were there ahead of you?
Were there giveaways?
Who was there?
What anecdotes did you hear?
Did anyone travel a great distance to attend?
Were there Panther demos?
What time did you leave?

I'm looking forward to reading your stories and seeing your photos. In the meantime, tidy up your Mac so it's ready for an upgrade, and keep an eye on Mac DevCenter for breaking news.

One final note, our Mac OS X Conference begins on Monday, October 27. You can still register online.

This event will be the ultimate Panther-fest. Even if you can only attend one day (day passes are available), I urge you to take a look at the schedule and come on down to Santa Clara. Be sure to grab me to say hi if you attend the show.

Until next time,


Derrick Story
Mac DevCenter Editor

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