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Inside Conference Track

by Derrick Story
Mac Newsletter for 08/15/2003

Dear Mac Reader,

As you know, I like to use this newsletter to provide you with an inside track to what's going on here at O'Reilly. Since I'm the co-chair for the Mac OS X Conference in October, lots of goodies have been showing up in my email lately. I want to share a few of them with you today.

Andy Ihnatko's Ideas for a Keynote

When I invited Andy to speak at the conference, I knew he was a creative, sometimes offbeat Mac guy. I've enjoyed his "Macworld" magazine writing for a long time. One topic he ran by me for his talk was a "Back to the Future" spoof where he stepped back in time (without telling us) to when Apple was deciding which road to choose for its new OS. I liked it, but wasn't sure everyone would catch on to the time-shift thing.

Another topic was why System 7.02 is looking real good again. Cool, but not at a Mac OS X Conference. The one we settled on is a real gem titled, "The Big Rethink." It's a tale of a recent month he spent sifting through papers, catalogues, hardware, and Mac-related memorabilia dating back to the original Apple II. Major fun and very photo-riffic. I can't wait to see it.

Adam Engst's T-Shirts

We're lucky to have Adam join us for this event. After we worked out some details on his keynote talk, he sent me a follow-up note with this idea he's been sitting on. Adam said he has all of these unworn geek shirts stashed in his closet, and he's guessing that he's not the only one. Adam suggested that we run an all-day special event where people can bring the new T-shirts they don't want, and exchange them for something more suited to their taste. We have no idea how this is going to turn out, but it's way too cool of a brainstorm to pass up. So, we're going to do it. Make sure you attend the conference on that day though... Details to be announced.

Sal Soghoian on AppleScript

To subscribe to the Mac newsletter (or any O'Reilly Network newsletters), visit and select the newsletters you wish to receive in your user profile (you'll need to log in with your existing O'Reilly Network account -- if you don't yet have an account, you'll need to create one).

In case you don't know who Sal is, he's the AppleScript Product Manager for Apple. He's also my favorite AppleScript instructor in the whole world. I just found out this week that Sal will be teaching an AppleScript tutorial at the Mac OS X Conference. If you're an AppleScript fan, Sal is a must see.

Now, you're not going to see much of what I've discussed here on the official conference site. But it's happening, along with lots of other good stuff. There are a couple more things I'm just dying to tell you, but I can't quite yet...

Until next time,


Derrick Story
Mac DevCenter Editor

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