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Mac Product Reviews

Our "hands-on" product reviews are the result of our using these Mac products, then sharing with you how they perform under real world conditions.

Cool Macworld Product: SketchUp
Past the rows of video games and rainbow iPod cases at Macworld SF, Adam Goldstein found his pick of the show. The product that got his Coolness Vote this year is a neat design tool called SketchUp. Here's how it works.  Jan. 17, 2006

Delve into DEVONthink
DEVONthink Professional 1.0 has hit the streets, providing Mac users with a great opportunity to organize their thoughts. Giles Turnbull takes you on a insightful tour of what some people call a great snippet archiver, and others consider a full-blown reading and research tool. Aug. 26, 2005

What Is NeoOffice/J (and Can It Replace MS Office)
NeoOffice/J is the long-awaited Mac-friendly version of OpenOffice. This open source project provides Mac users with most of the functionality of Microsoft Office, but for free. Is NeoOffice robust enough to serve as your only office suite in a Microsoft-dominated world? Matthew Russell explores. Plus, an in-depth interview with its lead developer, Patrick Luby. Aug. 9, 2005

What Is Flickr (and Hot Tips for Using It)
Flickr is an online photo management and sharing application. And it's also one of the most innovative photo services available today. In this article, Giles Turnbull shows you how Flickr works, then introduces you to some of the great tools you can use to interact with it. Aug. 2, 2005

My Favorite Macworld Product: The IRISPen
Have you ever said, "If I learn just one great thing, then the whole conference was worth attending"? At Macworld Boston Adam Goldstein discovered the IRISPen, and he shares the details of this handy text-scanning device with us. Jul. 19, 2005

What Is Preview (and Why You Should Use It)
Apple's Preview app is best known as a PDF viewer and a Macintosh alternative to Adobe Reader. This software, however, is also a capable image viewer, and you can even edit your pictures with its tools. Giles Turnbull shows you that there's more to Preview than first meets the eye. Jul. 19, 2005

Music Gadgets
Every day, I seem to want to listen to music in a different way. Here are the gadgets I've been testing to "shuffle" my setup for music playback. A few of these are real keepers. Jun. 24, 2005

Tweaking Tiger Mail
The release of Mail 2.0 was largely overlooked amid all the fuss about Tiger's system-level features, but a number of people have made public complaints about changes made to the user interface. Mail's performance has improved, but the apparent willingness of Apple's designers to create an entirely new kind of toolbar icon just for use in Mail has irritated some. Giles Turnbull shows you how to bring happiness back to Mail. Jun. 21, 2005

Let's Build Another Dashboard Widget
Even though no real development environment exists now, there are some tricks and techniques that can be used to make Dashboard widget development easier. Andrew Anderson explores some tricks and techniques and presents a widget that uses JavaScript's XMLHttpRequest method to retrieve spelling suggestions from Google. Jun. 7, 2005

Everything You Wanted to Know About Safari RSS, Part 2
In part one of this series, F.J. provided a solid overview of the Safari browser and the RSS specification. In this article, he shows you how to set up Safari RSS to serve as your newsreader, including lots of handy configuration tips. Jun. 3, 2005

Everything You Wanted to Know About Safari RSS, Part 1
Safari 2.0 stands tall among the Tiger highlights. In this three-part series, you'll learn everything you need to know to customize this browser for newsreading. Plus, you'll explore the technologies that power Safari RSS beneath that beautiful UI. May. 31, 2005

Japan Primer for the Mac Techno-Tourist
Many of us believe that Japan is the land of geek nirvana. If you're contemplating a visit to the gadget promise land, you'll enjoy Todd Ogasawara's report on everything from cell phone coverage to buying Mac accessories. May. 27, 2005

A Closer Look at Spotlight
Spotlight integration with Tiger and its apps tilts the scales back toward Safari, Address Book, iCal, and Mail for your core applications. Matthew Russell shows you how this intelligent technology enables you to find just about anything, anywhere, regardless of where you are at that moment. May. 24, 2005

Tiger's Powerful Migration Assistant
Transferring data, prefs, and apps from old Macs to new ones can be painful when upgrading computers. Fortunately, Apple's Migration Assistant has the brains and brawn to save users and system administrators alike much time during this process. Here's everything you'd want to know about this great tool. May. 17, 2005

Magnificent Seven: What's New for Users in QuickTime 7
Tiger is cool, but it's not the only new cat on the block. Apple has also released an updated version of QuickTime. Chris Adamson examines the user-visible features and changes in QT 7, including QT 7 Pro, renovations to the QuickTime Player application, and the implications of the powerful new H.264 video codec.  May. 10, 2005

Build a Dashboard Widget
A little HTML, a dash of JavaScript, and a sprinkle of CSS and you can create your own Dashboard widget. Andrew Anderson shows you how. May. 6, 2005

Everything You Need to Know to Install Tiger
Installing Mac OS X Tiger can be as easy as inserting the OS disc and clicking a few buttons. But if you want to customize your install and take this opportunity to tidy up your Mac in the process, this exhaustive tutorial will show you everything you need to know. Apr. 29, 2005

Mac Mini Eye for the Linux-Windows Guy
Todd had no intention of giving up his Linux and Windows boxes to become a "Mac switcher." But he had heard good things about OS X, so the Mac mini presented the opportunity for him to become a Mac-tryer. He details his experiences here. Apr. 19, 2005

17 Things You Might Not Know You Could Do with iWork
If you've installed iWork on your hard drive but haven't had a chance to really dig into it yet, maybe this article will inspire you to do so. Giles Turnbull takes you on a romp through this production suite showing you lots of fun and useful things to do with it. Apr. 12, 2005

Xsan and You
Yes, interns are still running around media production houses with FireWire drives in hand copying files to workstations. Storage Area Networks (SANs) can improve efficiency dramatically, and Apple's Xsan is at the top of that list. Here's a practical example. Apr. 5, 2005

Movies Made Easy in iPhoto 5
One of the best features in the current crop of consumer digital still cameras is their ability to capture high-quality video. iPhoto 5 is in step with this evolution and provides a great environment for taking those snippets and creating real movies. Derrick Story shows you how. Mar. 22, 2005

Getting Things Done with Your Mac
Even the most savvy Mac user can have problems staying organized. A number of tips for using a Mac to help organize your life are available from 43 Folders and other sources. This article takes a look at them with the help of Merlin Mann himself. Mar. 8, 2005

Spymac's Wheel vs. Dot Mac for Easy Web Services
For Mac users who like a convenient package of web services, two major players have emerged -- Apple's .Mac and Spymac's Wheel. Christopher Roach takes both services for a spin and reports on the strengths and weaknesses of each offering. Feb. 8, 2005

A RAW Look at iPhoto 5
Apple overhauled much of iPhoto in version 5 and presented photographers with a more robust tool for managing their media files. Derrick Story looks at importing existing iPhoto libraries, using the new editing tools, and working with RAW and QuickTime files. Image samples of RAW comparisons are included. Jan. 19, 2005

RSS and Tabbed Browsing in Safari, Firefox, and Camino
We know that RSS support is coming for Safari with the Tiger release, but you can enjoy this service now in Firefox. Wei-Meng Lee shows you the ropes plus some slick insights for tabbed browsing in Safari and Camino. Jan. 11, 2005

Skype on Mac OS X: A Hands-On Approach, Part 2
In Part 1, F.J. introduced you to Skype for the Mac. In today's conclusion he talks more about configuration and hands-on use. Jan. 4, 2005

Skype on Mac OS X: A Hands-On Approach
In this article, you'll read about the wonders of Skype for Mac OS X and see how to integrate it in your routine. This chat/telephony software also has its limits, and those will be covered too. Dec. 28, 2004

BBEdit 8.0 -- A Developer's Viewpoint
BBEdit is a great all-around text editor. But how does the latest version--BBEdit 8.0--fare for the working developer? We asked brian d foy to put it through its paces, and here's what he found. Dec. 21, 2004

PearPC: Mac-In-Box
Earlier in the week we looked at running Linux on the Mac. In this article Howard Wen interviews the developers who have enabled us to run Mac OS X on Linux or Windows computers. Here's the inside scoop on PearPC. Dec. 3, 2004

Gifts, Gadgets, and Software for Mac Geeks
This year's gift guide shows you the coolest gadgets and often includes clever software to accompany them. Suggestions start as cheap as $15 and most are less than $80. And the best part -- everything works beautifully with Mac OS X. Nov. 23, 2004

Tiger Presents New Opportunities for Developers
In the feline evolution of Mac OS X, Jaguar was the release we had to have, Panther is the version we wanted, and Tiger provides programmers with some of the most tantalizing application development tools we've seen to date. This article provides the latest information about Tiger from Chris Bourdon, the project's senior product line manager. Nov. 16, 2004

Getting in Tune with AirPort Express
Last month, we discussed how to extend your wireless network with AirPort Express. Now, Michael Brewer takes a look at streaming music using this technology. Nov. 12, 2004

Fun iPod Tricks
Seems like everyday someone figures out new and cool things to do with the iPod. Wei-Meng Lee discusses five of his favorite discoveries, including podcasting and internet radio, in this survey of fun iPod tricks. Nov. 9, 2004

If you have a strange fascination with text editors for the Mac, join Giles Turnbull as he takes you on a tour, line by line, character by character, into his addiction to the wonderful plain text world.  Nov. 5, 2004

Extend your AirPort Network with AirPort Express
Sometimes one access point just isn't enough for our wireless networks, even at home. Wei Meng Lee shows you how to extend your network with AirPort Express, and explains what's going on under the hood. Oct. 12, 2004

Mac OS X for the Traveler, Part 5
In this final installment of Mac OS X for the Traveler, François Joseph de Kermadec shares some of his most clever tips for surviving on the road. You might not follow every one of these precautions. But as his editor, I've noticed already that they are in the back of my mind as I prepare for a trip, and I've made some nice adjustments as a result. I hope this series has added a dose of preventive medicine to your travels, too. Oct. 1, 2004

Mac OS X for the Traveler, Part 4
As with so many things in life, preparation is the key to success. In this week's installment, you'll read about how to pack just the right amount of equipment, and how to make sure the data on it is fit for travel. Sep. 21, 2004

Acrobat to a Paperless Office
Adobe Acrobat is an excellent program for document distribution. Most users are familiar with the freely available Acrobat Reader, allowing anyone to view PDF documents. The full-blown version of Acrobat offers a range of tools to manage document distribution beyond just converting other formats to PDF. Julie Starr shows you how to use these tools to design the paperless office. Sep. 14, 2004

Mac OS X for the Traveler, Part 3
This is the third part of a series discussing how to travel safely with your Mac OS X laptop. Today's focus is software encryption and those pesky networks you have to deal with on the road. Sep. 10, 2004

Browsers that Aren't Browsers
These days, we no longer simply browse the Web as much as we mine it. You have your favorite browser for viewing pages, but Giles Turnbull thought you might enjoy learning about a few new-generation web tools, too. He illustrates in this article. Sep. 7, 2004

Mac OS X for the Traveler, Part 2
This is the second part of a series that will run over the next few weeks discussing how to travel safely with your Mac OS X laptop. Now that you've made your travel preparations as described in part one, you can now think about getting all of your equipment on the plane safely. Sep. 3, 2004

Keeping Up Developer Relations Worldwide
Paris is bustling with Mac users from all over Europe. The big news, of course, is the iMac G5. Julie Starr reports from the show floor. Sep. 2, 2004

Mac OS X for the Traveler, Part 1
In this first part of an ongoing series about traveling safely with your PowerBook or iBook, you'll learn that preparation is one of the keys to peace of mind. F.J. helps you get your equipment in order. Aug. 31, 2004

Securing Key Chain Flash Drives
The current crop of key chain Flash drives have incredible storage capacity. They are perfect for keeping personal data with you at all times. But what if you lose your keys? Here are a couple of easy ways to protect yourself, and your data. Aug. 20, 2004

21.5 Things You Can Do with Office 2004
By now you've probably read about all the new features in Microsoft Office 2004. Good. Because we're not going to cover them here again. Instead, Giles Turnbull shows you 21-and-a-half things you can do in Office that you might not have previously realized. Aug. 3, 2004

OS 9, Mine, All Mine
What serious Mac fan in his or her right mind would consider booting anything other than OS X? Well, lots of them. Gile Turnbull interviews a handful of dedicated OS 9 users to find out why. Jul. 23, 2004

Unix Gems for Mac OS X
Mac OS X users benefit from the platform's Unix underpinnings every time they launch their system. But the Unix heritage brings more to the table than power and stability; it also includes dozens of time-tested, useful utilities. In this article Kevin O'Malley shows you three Unix gems he thinks you'll start using right away. Jul. 6, 2004

Voice Recording Magic with the iPod
Everyone knows that the iPod plays music unlike any other device, but many don't realize that it records clean audio, too. Here's a handy tutorial that shows you how to get started, then challenges your creativity with some nifty ideas about how to use these tools. Jun. 22, 2004

A Brief Introduction to GPS Photo Linking
Digital cameras record EXIF data that tells us "when" we took a picture, but what if we want to know "where" too? Contributor to O'Reilly's Digital Photography Hacks, David Goldwasser introduces us to using GPS positioning data with EXIF timestamps to build interactive maps showing pictures of markers. What a sweet convergence of technologies. Jun. 15, 2004

RSS: The Next Generation
Syndicated summaries of web content are more popular than ever before, and the recent explosion of users has prompted some dramatic changes in the world of RSS software. Giles Turnbull takes a look at some of the latest offerings, including PulpFiction, Shrook, and of course, NetNewsWire. Jun. 15, 2004

Inside Contextual Menu Items, Part 2
In his first article, Steven Disbrow described handy power user tips for two-button mousing on Mac OS X. Now he digs into programming and shows you how to create your own CMIs using Xcode. Jun. 4, 2004

Inside Contextual Menu Items, Part 1
In this first article in a two-part series, Steven Disbrow describes handy power user tips for two-button mousing on Mac OS X. In part two this coming Tuesday, he'll show you how to create your own CMIs using Xcode. May. 28, 2004

RAW, iPhoto, and Mac OS X
iPhoto does an excellent job of breaking digital photography's chain of pain, that is, as long as the files are JPEGs or TIFFs. That's because iPhoto does not support RAW files, at least not directly. If your current workflow depends on iPhoto, you might be feeling left out in the cold with all the current hub-bub about using RAW capture. Don't. Derrick Story shows you how to have your iPhoto and shoot RAWs, too. May. 4, 2004

Building Applications with AppleScript and FaceSpan
How can you take advantage of AppleScript to write stand-alone Cocoa applications? Matt Neuburg, author of AppleScript: The Definitive Guide, introduces you to FaceSpan, a self-contained, program-building environment that leverages the power of AppleScript. Apr. 13, 2004

Launchers for Mac OS X
LaunchBar is the best known Finder enhancer on the platform, but there are many noteworthy challengers, including Quicksilver. Giles Turnbull loads up an entire lot of launchers and reports. Apr. 9, 2004

Setting Up Apple Remote Desktop
Whether you need to administer lots of computers in the workplace or the classroom, Apple Remote Desktop will make your job easier. Here's a walkthrough of its setup and basic operations. Mar. 26, 2004

Are You Talking to Me? Speech on Mac OS X
Apple's recent announcement of Spoken Interface has moved speech recognition to the forefront. However, Mac OS X has included speech recognition and synthesis technologies for quite some time. In this article we delve into the often misunderstood world of talking to your Mac. Mar. 17, 2004

LaTeX: It's Not Just for Academia, Part 2
In Part 1 of this two-article series, Kevin O'Malley introduced you to the popular installations of LaTeX for Mac OS X. Here in Part 2 he takes you inside document creation and shows you how to accomplish basic writing tasks. Mar. 5, 2004

Listening to Bluetooth (or at least trying to)
Using iChat AV with a Bluetooth-enabled headset has great potential and some immediate benefits. Dori Smith has wrestled with the configuration and shows you what works, what almost works, and what to look out for. Dori is the coauthor of Mac OS X UnwiredMar. 2, 2004

Home Automation with Mac OS X, Part 2
In the first article in this series, Alan Graham provided you with an overview of a home automation system. In this installment, he digs deeper into the hardware and gives some tips based on his experiences. Feb. 20, 2004

Home Automation with Mac OS X, Part 1
Having more control over how your home operates isn't just a geek fantasy. You can lower energy costs, improve security, and enhance the overall ambiance of your humble abode. Alan Graham shows you how to leverage your Mac OS X computer and get started. Feb. 13, 2004

LaTeX: It's Not Just for Academia, Part 1
LaTeX is not a word processor. It's a document preparation system that produces typeset-quality output. LaTeX has as much, if not more, utility as commercial word processors. It's rock solid, has a long history of use, a large user base, and best of all, it's free. Kevin O'Malley covers the versions of LaTeX available for Mac OS X. Feb. 3, 2004

First Look: OmniWeb 5 Beta
Omni Group's browser was one of the first alternatives to Internet Explorer for Mac OS X. Always admired for its beautiful interface, OmniWeb has at times suffered from lackluster performance. Everything seems to be coming together for version 5--innovation, beauty, and speed. Michael Brewer shares his impressions. Feb. 3, 2004

Smart File Sharing Between Macs and PCs
There are lots of ways to share files between Macs and PCs, and most of them are aggravating at best. Wei Meng Lee shows you a method that's much easier and cleaner than just about every other solution.  Jan. 30, 2004

Dreamweaver MX 2004 for Mac OS X
Dreamweaver has always facilitated web design in the visual graphic art tradition. It's also famous for its accurate HTML code and organic way of letting users alternate between code and design view. Dreamweaver MX 2004 has some improvements that may tempt you to take another look at this application for your work. Jan. 13, 2004

Macworld Wish List for Steve
Macworld SF is like a second Christmas for many Mac users. And it all begins with Steve's keynote address. What new goodies are in store for this coming year? Here's a wish list from Mac DevCenter writers. Dec. 30, 2003

USB Video Conferencing with Panther
iSights are great for video conferencing ... if you have one, that is. But is there a way to use that old USB webcam with iChat AV? Wei-Meng Lee figured it out and shows you how in this article. Dec. 23, 2003

An Unencrypted Look at FileVault
FileVault has generated as much discussion as any of Panther's new features. Is it right for you? François Joseph de Kermadec unlocks this new feature and shows you around. Dec. 19, 2003

Elementary Computer Graphics: Drawing with Pixels
If you have a promising young developer in the family, you might want to take advantage of the extra time together during the holidays to teach a little programming. Michael Norton wrote this tutorial for his fourth grade son, and offers it to Mac DevCenter readers and their children. Dec. 16, 2003

Flexible OmniOutliner
By name alone, an application designed to create outlines doesn't stir the imagination. But OmniOutliner is more than its name implies. With it, you can organize and prepare information for your iPod, iCal, MS Word, and even Keynote. Giles Turnbull gives you the tour. Dec. 12, 2003

iPod as Digital Photographer's Best Friend
Yes, the iPod can store thousands of songs. But now you can use it to upload thousands of pictures too, directly from the memory card. And thanks to Panther, that's only the beginning of what is sure to become an indispensable tool for many digital photographers. Dec. 2, 2003

Collaborative Editing with Rendezvous
Apple's adoption of Zeroconf networking (branded as "Rendezvous") has opened the door to new ways of sharing information on local networks. In this article, Wei Meng Lee shows you how to use two collaborative editing tools: SubEthaEdit and iStorm. Dec. 2, 2003

Faxing in Panther
Are you neglecting your modem because you no longer use dialup for Internet connectivity? Thanks to Panther, you can breath new life into your modem by using it as a built-in fax machine. Wei Meng Lee shows you the ins and outs of this new Mac OS X 10.3 feature. Nov. 26, 2003

Gifts and Gadgets for the Geek Minded
Here's a great line up of goodies and gadgets to bestow upon technically-minded friends, family, (and maybe one for you). Terrie Miller has tested each of these entries in this year's holiday gift giving guide. Nov. 25, 2003

Keynote's XML Connections
For its Keynote application, Apple had created an XML syntax, APXL (short for Apple Presentation XML), and made its schema publicly available. That means you can build presentations outside of Keynote using data stored in apps like FileMaker Pro and 4D. David Miller explains, and shows you how to leverage this functionality. Nov. 19, 2003

A Look at the Eclipse IDE
Eclipse is an open source integrated development environment that has gained considerable popularity in 2003. Philippe Mougin provides an introduction plus some expert opinions from the last ECOOP conference. Nov. 14, 2003

Apple Wireless Mouse and Keyboard Tips and Tricks
The new Apple Wireless Mouse and Keyboard and two great peripherals that can spice up your computing life; here's how to make the most of them. Oct. 14, 2003

Ten Things I Dig About Panther
Now that the release of Panther is officially announced, it's time to take a close look at its key features. O'Reilly author James Duncan Davidson shows you the aspects of Panther that he really digs. Oct. 10, 2003

What's on Your Dock?
A peek into the heads of writers, bloggers, designers, movers, and yes, even shakers, on a quest to find out something crucial about their personalities; their quirks and habits; to delve into their very souls. Yes, you guessed it. We are going to look at their Docks. Sep. 30, 2003

PackageMaker Pro Tips
One of the best and easiest to use of Apple's developer tools is PackageMaker, a utility that helps you create installer packages. Andrew Anderson walks you through the basic features, then shows you how easy it is to create custom installer packages for your software. Sep. 16, 2003

Keynote Plays Ball with PowerPoint
Apple's Keynote is the first major-company presentation software in years to step up to bat against ruling giant Microsoft PowerPoint. Ian Darwin provides a detailed comparison of the two presentation heavyweights. Sep. 12, 2003

The Penny-Pinching PowerBook 1400 Goes Wireless
Now that you have your penny-pinching PowerBook up and running, how about adding wireless connectivity? That's right, with just a bit more ingenunity, you can be surfing wirelessly for next to nothing. Michael Norton shows you how. Sep. 5, 2003

Scanners and Mac OS X
Seems like the drivers for legacy flatbed scanners were at the bottom of manufacturers' lists for Mac OS X conversion. The wait was so long that many users just gave up hope. But over recent months new drivers from Epson, Canon, HP, and others have quietly appeared. David Weiss provides a helpful update to the state of scanning on Mac OS X. Aug. 26, 2003

Newsstand in Your Pocket: See and Hear Current Events on Your iPod
Some people don't care what's going on around them, but some of us mainline headlines, becoming noticeably disoriented without regular infusions of CNN and Google News. J. D. Biersdorfer, author of iPod: The Missing Manual, explains different ways to use your iPod for your current events needs. Aug. 22, 2003

Using Your Bluetooth Phone as a Remote Control
The Salling Clicker transforms your Sony Ericsson Bluetooth phone into a remote control to communicate with just about any application on your Mac OS X computer. Whether it be running a PowerPoint presentation or adjusting the volume on iTunes, this $10 piece of shareware gives Bluetooth fans a reason to smile. Aug. 22, 2003

QuarkXPress Comes to OS X
Quark has dominated Mac publishing for some time, but the slow transition to the Mac OS X platform has turned out to be a "lose/lose" situation for all concerned. But now Quark 6 is out and running on OS X. What's it like? David Weiss puts it through its paces and reports. Aug. 12, 2003

Outboard Brains for Mac OS X
Here's a brief look at some applications designed to be digital brain-dumps; electronic Pensieves into which you can throw any information you want, knowing that it will still be there when you need it later. Giles Turnbull looks at a variety of "outboard brains" utilites and highlights their particular strengths. Aug. 5, 2003

Penny-Pinching PowerBook
Do you need portability for email and word processing, but don't want to plunk down a pile of cash for a new Apple laptop? Diehard Mac user Michael Norton describes his penny-pinching Odyssey that explored the PowerBook 280c and the 1400. Jul. 22, 2003

Dot Mac Reloaded
Later this year, many Dot Mac subscriptions will be up for renewal, many of which were purchased at discounted prices. But now that full pricing will be in effect, are there enough features to entice Mac users to renew? Michael Brewer explores the changes Panther brings to Dot Mac. Jul. 8, 2003

Goodbye PDA, Hello iPod?
Many casual PDA users dumped their old handhelds when Apple first introduced address and calendar synch to the iPod. But for more serious PDA enthusiasts, that just wasn't enough. Now with the new iPods running firmware 2.0, notes have been added to the mix (plus a few other goodies). Here's a look at how the iPod could become your next PDA... with a 10 GB hard drive or bigger! May. 5, 2003

A Photographer's Review of the Canon EOS 10D Digital SLR
The concept of digital photography is exciting. But in reality, shooting with a typical digicam elicits a raft of frustrations, from shutter lag to those miserable optical viewfinders. The Canon EOS 10D digital SLR changes all of that. It's a photographic tool that distinguishes itself as a capable camera first, then amazes you that it uses CompactFlash media instead of film. Here's a photographer's look at what might be your next digital camera. Apr. 1, 2003

A Developer's Perspective on Apple's 12-inch PowerBook
Many of our developers have been eyeing Apple's new 12-inch PowerBook as a possible upgrade for their iBooks. Yes, the PowerBook does have a G4 processor, but does it pass muster in other areas? Wei Meng Lee made the leap and reports on how he landed. Mar. 28, 2003

Camino and Safari Compared
Chimera had won the hearts of many Mac developers and power users, but then along came Safari. Now Chimera is Camino, and Safari will soon be out of beta. What's a user to do? Mar. 25, 2003

X11 and OpenOffice on Mac OS X
X11 for OS X allows you to build graphical Unix-based applications on your Mac. While you may not be a programmer, knowing how to install X11 on your system allows you to run hundreds of programs under X11, including the focus of this article, OpenOffice. Here's how to do it. Feb. 7, 2003

A First Look at the Safari Web Browser
It's lean, it's fast, but is it your browser of the future? Wei Meng Lee examines the beta version of Apple's Safari Web browser and explains some of its features. Jan. 10, 2003

Gifts for Geeks on the Cheap
Looking for gift ideas that will delight your digitally minded friends? Terrie Miller has assembled a list of cool gadgets for under $50 that's bound to keep you on the "most favored" gift-giver list, or can serve as subtle hints to others shopping for you. Nov. 26, 2002

Audible Books on Your iPod
More than music, more than contact information, more than addresses--yes the iPod can now be your personal, audible book library too. It's easier than you think. Erik Ray shows you how. Aug. 16, 2002

Photoshop 7 Arrives for Mac OS X
Adobe wanted to do more than simply port Photoshop to Mac OS X; it wanted to create an improved image editor with new features. Was Photoshop 7 worth the wait? David Weiss reports. May. 7, 2002

The ThinkFree Alternative
Mac OS X users now have a low-cost alternative to Microsoft Office. ThinkFree is a full-featured office suite that enables users to open and edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files. Daniel Steinberg takes ThinkFree for a spin and files this report. Apr. 30, 2002

XP on the PowerPC
Trying to decide between Windows XP and Mac OS X for your next computer? Choose both. Here's a look at the pros and cons of running XP Home Ed via Connectix's Virtual PC on Mac OS X. Apr. 24, 2002

Inside iPhoto: Image Management for Power Shooters
iPhoto may look simple when you first admire its gleaming UI, but it packs enough punch for serious shooters. Here's how to make iPhoto work for you. Jan. 17, 2002

Pro User's Perspective on the New iMac (and Other Apple Revelations)
There was plenty to digest at Macworld San Francisco 2002 for the thousands of power users who attended. O'Reilly's Mac systems administrator evaluates the new iMac and other Macworld events in this review for pros. Jan. 15, 2002

A Week with the iPod
We hit the streets with one of today's hottest tech toys, the iPod. Is it the "must have" MP3 player for Mac music lovers, or just an expensive spoke in Apple's digital hub? James Duncan Davidson gives you the inside scoop. Nov. 28, 2001

Road Testing the PowerBook Ti 667
Apple's professional Titanium PowerBook has plenty of sex appeal on the outside, but how does it perform on the road? See what we found after popping the hood and kicking the tires. Nov. 20, 2001

Virtual PC Brings Windows to Mac OS X
Connectix has made a daring move by releasing a beta version of Virtual PC for Mac OS X. They call it Test Drive. Will this become one of the first killer apps for Apple's new Unix-based OS or roadkill before it hits the streets? Aug. 8, 2001

Disc Burning with Sony's Digital Relay
Apple's Disc Burner software has quietly rolled on to OS 9 desktops everywhere ... but what can it do? Here's a complete Disc Burner tutorial using Sony's cool Digital Relay. Jun. 27, 2001

BBEdit 6.1 for Mac OS X
Web authors and scripters know the value of a great text editor, and serious Mac Developers know that the tools found in Bare Bones Software's new BBEdit 6.1 for Mac OS X are the pliers and screwdrivers found in their publishing toolboxes. Derrick Story covers a few of his favorite features. Jun. 19, 2001

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