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QuickTime and iMovie

Four Ways to Compress to H.264 with Elgato's Turbo.264
Erica Sadun examines Elgato's new Turbo.264 graphics co-processor in a USB dongle. In this article, you'll discover whether the Turbo.264 is right for you and, if so, how to use it for your video compression needs using four handy compression methods. Jul. 3, 2007

Getting Started with Quartz Composer
Apple's free developer tool collection contains many overlooked gems. These aren't limited to programming-specific utilities. Take Quartz Composer, for example. It's a free utility that can bring new life and interest to your iMovie projects. In this article, you'll learn how to use your own pictures to create a simple but flashy animation. Mar. 23, 2006

Putting Google Video onto Your iPod
There's some pretty interesting stuff on Google Video. In this article, Erica Sadun shows you how to download videos, convert them to an iPod-friendly format, and load them onto your new 5G video iPod. Jan. 24, 2006

What's New For Developers in QuickTime
In Part 1 of this series, Chris Adamson covered the new features of QT7 that end users will see. Today, he shows you some of the most prominent changes from a developer point of view, including: the QTKit API for Cocoa, the new QuickTime MetaData API, support for frame reordering codecs, Core Audio-based sound enhancements, and QuickTime for Java. Jun. 28, 2005

Going to the Movies (and More) in iTunes 4.8
Podcasting in iTunes 4.9 is just around the corner. Until then, have you played with the video functionality in 4.8? If not, here are a few things that Steve Jobs has mentioned--and a few he hasn't. By J.D. Biersdorfer, author of iPod and iTunes: The Missing Manual, 3rd EditionJun. 24, 2005

Magnificent Seven: What's New for Users in QuickTime 7
Tiger is cool, but it's not the only new cat on the block. Apple has also released an updated version of QuickTime. Chris Adamson examines the user-visible features and changes in QT 7, including QT 7 Pro, renovations to the QuickTime Player application, and the implications of the powerful new H.264 video codec.  May. 10, 2005

Movies Made Easy in iPhoto 5
One of the best features in the current crop of consumer digital still cameras is their ability to capture high-quality video. iPhoto 5 is in step with this evolution and provides a great environment for taking those snippets and creating real movies. Derrick Story shows you how. Mar. 22, 2005

Output Like a Pro with iPhoto 5
Earlier I discussed how iPhoto 5's RAW capability lets you input like a pro. But some of its new output features are quite sophisticated, too. Here's a look at how to create sophisticated slideshows and QuickTime downloads using only iPhoto 5. Feb. 1, 2005

A RAW Look at iPhoto 5
Apple overhauled much of iPhoto in version 5 and presented photographers with a more robust tool for managing their media files. Derrick Story looks at importing existing iPhoto libraries, using the new editing tools, and working with RAW and QuickTime files. Image samples of RAW comparisons are included. Jan. 19, 2005

Voice Recording Magic with the iPod
Everyone knows that the iPod plays music unlike any other device, but many don't realize that it records clean audio, too. Here's a handy tutorial that shows you how to get started, then challenges your creativity with some nifty ideas about how to use these tools. Jun. 22, 2004

An Interview with Derrick Story (Digital Photo Hacker at Large)
Over the years, photography and the technology behind it have provided plenty of material for creative thinkers, making it a natural fit for the hacker spirit. In this interview with Derrick Story, O'Reilly's resident photo hacker, he talks about the direction of digital imaging, what makes it cool, and new ways that you can push the limits of your photography. Jun. 8, 2004

USB Video Conferencing with Panther
iSights are great for video conferencing ... if you have one, that is. But is there a way to use that old USB webcam with iChat AV? Wei-Meng Lee figured it out and shows you how in this article. Dec. 23, 2003

More iSight Video Tricks
Lots of good things have happened since I wrote Making Movies with the iSight, in which I explained how to use QuickTime Broadcaster with Apple's new webcam. In this article I'll show you new iSight video tricks and easier ways to make movies than with Broadcaster. Sep. 23, 2003

Integrating QuickTime with Cocoa
After providing a brief QuickTime overview, Doug Welton shows you how to integrate digital media with Cocoa, then finishes up with an example of building a QuickTime Movie Player that you can include in your own applications. Aug. 15, 2003

Making Movies with the Apple iSight
Online conferencing is great, but what else can you do with your new iSight? Actually, quite a bit. In this first installment of an ongoing series, Derrick Story shows you how to make professional-looking QuickTime movies with just an iSight and some very inexpensive software. Jul. 1, 2003

Top Ten Digital Video Tips
Unless the guy next door happens to be Steven Soderbergh, you'll probably have a hard time getting good advice about how to master your DV camcorder. Yes, you can pore over each dryly composed paragraph in your multilanguage owner's manual, but chances are all that will improve is your French. Instead, check out these ten handy tips that will transform your ho-hum footage into compelling video. Jun. 13, 2003

Apple Brings Good Karma to Online Music
At a much anticipated media event in San Francisco, Steve Jobs announced Apple's new online music service, an updated version of iTunes and third-generation iPods. Here are the details complete with audio clips and photos from the presentation. Apr. 29, 2003

Power Tunes Playback
Digital technology's impact on photography and video has changed the way we use these media. And thanks to MP3 and Ogg Vorbis encoding, we're seeing a similar revolution in the world of music. Through my work as a wedding photographer, I've noticed another evolution underway. The bulky DJ's music cart brimming with hundreds of CDs (and requiring a van to lug around) seems to be shrinking in size -- possibly as small as a 1" thick PowerBook. Here's what I've noticed and how it works. Apr. 18, 2003

Screenshot Hacks for Mac OS X
You can use a variety of built-in tools in Mac OS X to grab images from your screen and save them to your hard drive. But what if you want to capture drop shadows, or include the cursor, or even capture full-motion DVD video with sound? This article shows you how, using some nifty tools. Feb. 28, 2003

The DigiCam Chronicles: Sound Is Half the Picture
You can add pro-quality voiceovers to your digital imagery with just a few simple tools and Mac OS X. Derrick Story shows you how to easily record and edit QuickTime audio. Jan. 28, 2003

Sundance Gets in the Digital Groove
Digital Video is becoming more accepted among serious filmmakers, as witnessed at the 2003 Sundance Film Festival. Susan Boyer reports on new DV tools and discusses some of the more popular digital video entries at the festival. Jan. 28, 2003

The DigiCam Chronicles: Assignment Macworld
This is the first installment of a series dedicated to taking great digital images in a variety of settings. Today's stop: San Francisco for great architecture and interesting people shots from Macworld Expo. This photo essay includes 10 images with notes on how they were captured, plus a QuickTime movie. Jan. 14, 2003

Apple on Top of Its Game: the Macworld SF 2003 Report
From the moment the keynote began to when the final door was closed to the Expo show floor, Apple and its 350 vendors had the petal to the metal. Daniel Steinberg provides a comprehensive overview of new announcements from the mother ship. Jan. 10, 2003

Homemade Dot Mac: Home Web Radio
If the idea of having your own radio webcast intrigues you, then this article shows you how to create private playlists you can stream 24/7 to almost any Web-enabled device, inside or outside the home.  Dec. 13, 2002

iApp Power Play
Don't be lulled by those seemingly simple GUI interfaces: the iApps are high performance publishing tools. Here's how to use them together to create a full-fledged media development environment. Dec. 3, 2002

Digital Killed the Video Star
Alan Graham shows how to create videos with just a scanner or digital camera, a $10 shareware app, and an OS X Mac. Oct. 18, 2002

An Introduction to iMovie
iMovie makes editing digital video easier than ever. Here's a primer covering the basics of this powerful iApp. Oct. 11, 2002

Movies and Menus
A look at how to incorporate QuickTime media into Cocoa applications, plus a few words about menus, including dock menus. Jan. 25, 2002

Inside iPhoto: Image Management for Power Shooters
iPhoto may look simple when you first admire its gleaming UI, but it packs enough punch for serious shooters. Here's how to make iPhoto work for you. Jan. 17, 2002

Digital Still Cameras for QuickTime Movies, Part Two
In part one of this two-part series, Derrick Story showed you how to capture QuickTime video with your digital still camera. Now, in part two, you learn how to set up your digital editing room for less than $30 and discover tricks for making great video. Oct. 30, 2001

Digital Still Cameras for QuickTime Movies, Part One
Many digital camera owners don't realize they have a powerful movie-making tool hidden in their consumer picture taker. In part one of this two-part series, Derrick Story shows you how to unlock and use this feature to make compelling QuickTime movies. Oct. 23, 2001

Amazing Media Player Brings PDA Video to Life
Generic Media's version 2 of its Palm OS player enables QuickTime video and audio playback on Visors, Palms, and Clies. And if you have have a color PDA, it's downright amazing. Jul. 31, 2001

QT Authoring on Native Mac OS X
Here's how to create a terrific digital slide show, complete with effects and filters, using only native Mac OS X tools. Jun. 5, 2001

PowerPoint vs iMovie for Creating Transitions
Transitions from image to image give your presentations that professional touch. But what's the best way to create them? PowerPoint 2001 and iMovie take two very different approaches to solving this problem. Apr. 13, 2001

Shooting Digital Video PDA Style
With nothing more than a Visor PDA and the tiny EyeModule 2 insert, you can create a QuickTime movie with all the bells and whistles. Here's how. Mar. 23, 2001

Rolling Titles Made Easy
The AppleScript library for Mac users contains a wealth of handy tools. Here's a script that makes creating rolling titles as easy as typing. Feb. 23, 2001

Digital Slide Shows
In this first installment of the "QuickTime Authoring" column, Derrick Story shows you how to create digital slide shows -- they're easier than you think. Jan. 30, 2001

Tilting A Cube
O'Reilly Network Publisher Dale Dougherty shows us another side of the G4 cube, plus he discusses iDVD and his experiences at Macworld SF 2001. Jan. 19, 2001

O'Reilly iMovie at Macworld
O'Reilly Mac guru, Chris Stone, posted this iMovie showing some of the activities around the O'Reilly booth at Macworld. Jan. 15, 2001

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