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Email Protocols: Where Do We Go Now?
Having established that email has a complicated history, tends to drive people crazy, has had entire books written about keeping it under control, and is broken beyond all repair for some people, let's try to work out what we can do--practically speaking--to make using it less of a hassle. Giles Turnbull explores our state of email and provides a few glimmers of where we may be headed. Aug. 29, 2006

Tweaking Tiger Mail
The release of Mail 2.0 was largely overlooked amid all the fuss about Tiger's system-level features, but a number of people have made public complaints about changes made to the user interface. Mail's performance has improved, but the apparent willingness of Apple's designers to create an entirely new kind of toolbar icon just for use in Mail has irritated some. Giles Turnbull shows you how to bring happiness back to Mail. Jun. 21, 2005

The Fight Against Spam, Part 3
In part one, F.J. focused on laying the foundation for an anti-spam strategy and covered how to block most of your unwanted mail. Then in part two, he fine-tuned this strategy, plus he took a closer look at the technologies inside of Now in part three, the conclusion of this series, F.J. covers rules and additional tools and techniques you can use to avoid becoming buried in spam. May. 21, 2004

The Fight Against Spam, Part 2
In last week's Part 1 of this series, François Joseph de Kermadec showed you how to build the foundation for your spam-fighting strategy. Today, in Part 2, he fine-tunes this approach and digs deeper into May. 18, 2004

The Fight Against Spam, Part 1
Fighting spam is a battle that all Internet users must fight. In part one of this series, François Joseph de Kermadec shows you practical techniques, many of which you might have overlooked, to take back control of your email. May. 14, 2004

Failing Miserably, If Not Inventively
A tale by Morbus of how Panther broke his automation and how, with a few days of disjointed searching, experimentation, and dreaming, he didn't fix the problem. Instead, we simply follow one man's obsession as he makes steadily more desperate attempts to scratch a bothersome itch. Feb. 6, 2004

Sanitizing Mail on Panther Server
With Mac OS X Server 10.3, Apple has replaced Apple Mail Server with Postfix, which allows you to use common UNIX and open source tools to perform various tasks with your mail. One of these tools, Procmail, lets mail messages be processed with special "recipes," such as the Anomy Sanitizer. Here's how to set it up. Jan. 27, 2004

How to Set Up Encrypted Mail on Mac OS X
The latest version of Apple's Mail app, included with the Panther upgrade, supports S/MIME security and encryption. But how do you go about getting a certificate and taking advantage of this feature? François Joseph de Kermadec shows you how, step by step. Jan. 20, 2004

Building Your Personal Anti-Spam Strategy
We're all tired of spam. So we asked Michael Herrick, lead developer of Spamfire, for some tips on how to control this annoying aspect of online life. Michael shows you how to fight back with a little common sense and a dash of JavaScript. Nov. 1, 2002

Configuring sendmail on Jaguar
Sendmail is powerful, but at times appears complicated too. James Duncan Davidson helps you unravel the sendmail knot so you can configure this awesome mail server on your Mac OS X system. Sep. 10, 2002

Improving the Outlook for Entourage
Switching from the PC to the Mac is relatively painless for many users--that is unless they want to import their Windows Outlook data into Entourage X. Bottom line: it's ugly. Fortunately, an independent AppleScripter, Paul Berkowitz, has stepped forward with a solution. Dale Dougherty tells his story. Jun. 21, 2002

Taming the Entourage Database
Lurking beneath Entourage X's Aqua interface is a complex database handling all of your mail and contact info. And like any other DB, you should back up and optimize on a regular schedule. Here's how to prevent email disaster on your Mac. Jun. 4, 2002

Using IMAP on Mac OS X
IMAP is a powerful alternative to POP3 for your personal mail handling. Mac OS X's can handle both protocols. Which one is right for you? May. 21, 2002

Secure Mail Reading on Mac OS X
You can have secure email using the Mail application in Mac OS X. Jason McIntosh shows you how to shore up your security and gives you an introduction to SSH on Mac OS X. Mar. 19, 2002

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