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Discover the Power of Open Directory (Part 3)
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Open up a command line and ping your Open Directory server to make sure you can get to it before you try to join to the domain. Once you have done this, go ahead and join your machine to the domain as shown in Figure 12.

Figure 12. Join pretendco

If all went as planned, you should now see a dialog (as shown in Figure 13) welcoming you to the pretendco domain. Next you will need to restart your computer and log in as oduser to test if it works.

Figure 13. Pretendco login

If things worked correctly you will see something like what is shown in Figure 14. This will log us in to a local account using our previously created LDAP credentials. For quite a few situations this will work just fine, but if you want roaming profiles don't worry because OS X can do that too!

Figure 14. Welcome pretendco

Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4

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