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Discover the Power of Open Directory (Part 3)
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Adding New Items to the Dock

I also wanted to briefly touch on the fact that you could manage many aspects of a user account by using Managed Preferences. In Figure 7 you can see that I added the terminal to the dock of oduser. There are many more things your can manage, which should give you some idea of the power of Open Directory.

Figure 7. Managed preferences

Authenticating Windows and Setting Up Roaming Profiles

The big fireworks show of this article is getting Windows to work with Open Directory. I will be authenticating a Windows 2003 Server client against Open Directory and setting up a roaming profile served off of Open Directory.

Setting Up Windows Services on Open Directory and Joining the OS X PDC

First, let's set up a PDC, or Primary Domain Controller. Go to the Server Manager, select Windows, and go to the Settings tab, and configure it to be a PDC as shown in Figure 8.

Figure 8. Set up a PDC

Now, under the Advanced tab configure your options to match what is in Figure 9.

Figure 9. Configure WINS

Next, let's join up a Windows 2003 Server to Open Directory. I set up a Virtual Machine using VMWare Fusion Beta as shown in Figure 10. I also manually changed the lmhosts file on Windows to hardcode our pretendco server like we did in Part 1 on OS X (see Figure 11).

Figure 10. Windows 2003 Virtual Machine

Figure 11. The lm hosts

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