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So! Intelligent Tagging for the Mac User
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A third option for quick posting is From Concentrate Software's Postr. This app offers more choice in another way, in that it allows posting not only to Flickr but also to a bunch of similar social bookmarking services on the Web (for example, Furl and OnlyWire).

Postr screenshot
Figure 3. Postr

Postr is beta and free. It comes across as an app intended for advanced users. It's scriptable and offers the facility for adding more link-sharing services of your own, for which you'll need knowledge of things like API URLs. Not one for newbies, but certainly worth a go if you like to spread your link love around different sites.

Using Your Bookmarks

There are several apps built for bringing your apps closer to you. They all provide much the same functionality, by downloading a copy of your links stored to date and then periodically checking for new ones.

You can probably guess what Delibar does; yup, it puts your account in your Menu Bar.

Delibar screenshot
Figure 4. Delibar

This Universal Binary (requires OS X 10.4) is released for free and as open source, although donations are accepted. It sticks a familiar icon alongside all the others in your Menu Bar; one click and up pops a list of all of your tags. You can browse by tag, either by mousing or fairly obvious keyboard controls (typing a tag's name will jump to it directly).

Pages: 1, 2, 3

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