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Photoshop Elements 4 for the Mac: Worth the Wait?
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There's also a selection of built-in filters that make it easy to sort your images. You can choose to see only images of a certain rating or higher, or you could view them by label (see Figure 3). Assigning labels and ratings is very easy, thanks to sensible keyboard commands. Slideshow mode also has a superb set of simple commands for sorting images on the fly (see Figure 4).

Filtering in Bridge
Figure 3. Filtering in Bridge.

Slideshow mode
Figure 4. Slideshow commands.

Bridge has a number of workspaces you can make use of, depending on the task at hand and your previous habits as a digital photographer (see Figure 5).

Workspaces menu
Figure 5. Workspace menu.

The filmstrip view and lightroom view will be most familiar to iPhoto users. The Metadata focus view broadens out the metadata panel for easier data entry (see Figure 6). Bridge also has a Compact Mode, where it shrinks into a corner of your screen (see Figure 7). Cinema Display users will enjoy using this alongside a large image editing window.

Metadata view
Figure 6. Metadata view.

Bridge in Compact Mode
Figure 7. Compact mode.

Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4

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