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What's New in iWork '06?
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Tools and UI Changes

Pages 2 boasts new ways of moving around inside large documents. Right at the bottom of the document window, there are two new up and down controls. They're very small and easy to miss:

Click to go and up down, a page at a time

It's now possible to view the page thumbnails side-by-side, as they will appear in the printed document. This also displays the document itself in the same way; to switch it on, check Facing Pages in the Document tab of the Document Inspector:

Switch on Facing pages

The thumbnails panel will then look like this:

Navigating with facing thumbs

If you want to see the thumbnails this way, but still want to view each document page on its own, you can subsequently go to the view widget in the bottom-left corner of the document window, and flip the view options to One Up.

This is pretty handy to have switched on when you're working on any lengthy document, especially one that's going to be printed as a booklet.

You've always been able to use the Find command to look for, and potentially replace, words or phrases in Pages. In this new version you can also turn to the Search function, which finds all occurrences of your search term and displays them in a handy list.

Searching for occurrences of a word

One thing Pages users have been crying out for is support for endnotes, and it finally has arrived in Pages 2. Unfortunately you can't use endnotes in the same document as footnotes--it's either one or the other. To switch between the two, use the Document Inspector, where you'll see a drop-down control offering you the appropriate choice.

Different kinds of notes

Adding Comments

Adding comments

It's now possible to add a comment about any picture, object or chunk of text. Just select what you want to comment on, and hit Insert -> Comment. You can also put a comments button on the Toolbar for quick access.

Comments appear in a panel of their own, squeezed between the thumbnails view and the document itself. They look just like sticky notes; you can use the Inspector to change basic elements of note appearance like font size and style, but not much else.

The comments panel will remain in view until you hide it. You can choose to print your document with comments visible; just hit Command+P with the comments showing and this will happen automatically. The page contents will be shifted slightly to make room, so don't use this if you wish to get a page-perfect print preview.

Comments created in a Pages document that is then exported to Word format will appear just fine in Word:

Make comments in Pages

Here they are in Word

Better yet, an additional comment made in this test Word document survived the trip back the other way, and appeared unscathed when viewed again in Pages.

Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

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