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Fun iPod Tricks
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Tip 5 -- Locating and Copying Music Out of your iPod

Once your songs are copied to your iPod, how do you copy them out? To prevent the theft of music, Apple has hidden the music files on your iPod. But are they really hidden? Well, they are simply hidden by turning the "invisible" flag on for each file and the folders that contain them. To extract them, you can use disk tools like ResEdit to manually copy them out into your Mac. But this is not for the faint-hearted. For the rest of us, we can simply reply on third-party tools to do the song extraction.

Ollie's iPod Extractor 3.0 is one such song extractor for the iPod. You can download the Ollie's iPod Extractor and then use it to extract and import songs from/to your iPod (see Figure 13).

Figure 13. Using Ollie's iPod Extractor 3.0.

For this tip, I will illustrate how to extract songs from your iPod. Click on the Extract icon and the following dialog window will prompt you to select your iPod (see Figure 14). Select your iPod name and click Open.

Figure 14. Selecting the iPod to extract the songs.

Then select a destination folder in which you want to save the extracted songs. Select a folder and click Open (see Figure 15).

Figure 15. Selecting a destination folder to save the extracted songs.

The extracted song will be stored in a folder named Music. The songs are stored in several folders (see Figure 16).

Figure 16. Examining the saved songs.

Final Thoughts

I'm constantly amazed by how versatile the iPod really is. Its beautiful integration with the Mac provides the opportunity for new and interesting things to do. Try something different with your iPod this weekend.

Wei-Meng Lee (Microsoft MVP) is a technologist and founder of Developer Learning Solutions, a technology company specializing in hands-on training on the latest Microsoft technologies.

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