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A Chat on the Wonders of iTools
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raelitybytes: so what else -- perhaps you know more than some -- is in store for iTools?

OReillyMac: like the friend who always comes over at dinner time

OReillyMac: the WebDAV thing is cool too

raelitybytes: sorry... go on

OReillyMac: and we should mention that

OReillyMac: I work only in OS X, so ...

OReillyMac: I know there that my iDisk stays on my desktop

OReillyMac: whether I'm online or not

OReillyMac: and when I am, it opens right up

OReillyMac: WebDAV!

OReillyMac: huge improvement

OReillyMac: Apple has posted instructions to accessing it on Windows to

OReillyMac: modern Windows

OReillyMac: looked at it once, but haven't messed with much

OReillyMac: cause I'm not on Windows that much anymore

raelitybytes: WebDAV is highly overlooked...

raelitybytes: I've been meaning to fiddle with it on OS X's built-in Apache installation

OReillyMac: you know a little about it, right?

OReillyMac: might you explain it a bit?

raelitybytes: mounting directories, etc via HTTP

raelitybytes: basically you use HTTP's GET, POST, PUT, DELETE semantics for editing remote files/directories...

raelitybytes: So I can actually mount and edit a directory's contents as if it were, say, an iDisk, right from my desktop...

raelitybytes: when in fact the directory and files are on a Web server somewhere

OReillyMac: that's nice

raelitybytes: without need of FTP or other transport mechanism

OReillyMac: real nice!

raelitybytes: I'd love to see DAV used more for blogging

OReillyMac: indeed

OReillyMac: it's really made a difference for iTools

OReillyMac: much more convenient

raelitybytes: for instance, if you have a blogging system that just uses files as entries (I'm sure there must be one out there )...

OReillyMac: <g>

raelitybytes: you could blog from any DAV-enabled Mac, PC, *nix box,...

raelitybytes: just by dropping files into that directory

raelitybytes: all without fiddling with FTP and FTP clients...

raelitybytes: just mounting the directory as if it were local

raelitybytes: v. nice

OReillyMac: I couldn't agree more

raelitybytes: I believe I see more DAV hacking in my future (again, the good kind)

raelitybytes: on Mail...

OReillyMac: sure

raelitybytes: I really like the fact that's email is simply an IMAP-based mail account...

raelitybytes: that can be used right from the mail client of your choice...

raelitybytes: whether as your only mailbox or alongside another

OReillyMac: yes

raelitybytes: iTools seems to provide all you need on the Net, save connectivity

OReillyMac: on the road it's wonderful

OReillyMac: I've been able to send via my address

OReillyMac: when others failed

OReillyMac: once again, I see Apple using smart technology for its everyday tools

OReillyMac: imap, WebDAV,

raelitybytes: again, this is quite an extension of the desktop... much more than MS does by simply building in these abilities, but not building it out as much and providing a nice friendly face

raelitybytes: yes, hotmail ==

raelitybytes: yes, you can mount DAV on Win32

raelitybytes: but what do you mount?

OReillyMac: your iDisk

raelitybytes: indeed... I guess I was talking about Apple's continued focus on providing all the bits you need...

raelitybytes: and, with iTools, for free!

OReillyMac: not to be the pitchman

raelitybytes: certainly not!

OReillyMac: but I've seen Mac OS X for less than $100

OReillyMac: and it includes a bunch of apps

OReillyMac: plus these online tools

OReillyMac: c'mon

OReillyMac: it's a no-brainer

raelitybytes: I have indeed found DAV on Win32 and thought... hey, this'd be nice if I actually had a DAV account

OReillyMac: LOL

raelitybytes: and with the prices of Macs becoming comparable to that of PCs these days...

raelitybytes: heck, my iBook was $1200 and it's the best machine (laptop or otherwise) I've ever owned

raelitybytes: my Thinkpad was almost twice that and XP runs slow as a dog on a hot day

raelitybytes: guess which screen is dustier!

OReillyMac: I hear ya ... Here's how to mount from a PC:

OReillyMac: In each case above, enter the following as the location to add: (where membername is your iTools member name). Use your iTools member name and password for authentication.

OReillyMac: but beware!

OReillyMac: IMPORTANT: In addition to the standard iDisk folders, some versions of Windows reveal other files that are normally hidden on a Macintosh, with names that start with a period (.). Do not move, delete, rename, or otherwise tamper with these files. If you do, you might lose files on your iDisk.

OReillyMac: You've been warned

raelitybytes: um, not to be rude, but where does one "stick" that? not done it of late

OReillyMac: You mean?

OReillyMac: this? open My Computer, double-click the Web Folders icon, and double-click Add Web Folder.

raelitybytes: heh...forgot what it was called... ta

OReillyMac: If you're using Windows XP, open My Computer, then choose Map Network Drive from the Tools menu.

OReillyMac: I know, I forgot lots of Windows stuff too

raelitybytes: heh.

OReillyMac: anyway

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raelitybytes: I remembered it under Win2k, but I've not spent as much time on WinXP

OReillyMac: shall we go play now?

raelitybytes: so what of iTools's future... anything coming up you're excited about?

OReillyMac: Ummm

OReillyMac: I don't know what's around the bend

OReillyMac: but Apple keeps posting improvements every few months

OReillyMac: Just make sure you have JavaScript turned on

raelitybytes: fair enough... now that you've tuned me into it, I'm sure to notice

OReillyMac: cause homepage uses a bunch of it

raelitybytes: well, thanks for you time, Derrick

raelitybytes: so where's your homepage so that our viewers can surf on over for a spot of inspiration?

OReillyMac: but of course!


raelitybytes: thanks again, derrick

OReillyMac: don't be a stranger