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A Chat on the Wonders of iTools
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OReillyMac:iTools is integrated very tightly with Mac OS X

OReillyMac: Apple is serious about this

OReillyMac: and they are walking their talk here

raelitybytes: nice

raelitybytes: so your homepage docs are where?

OReillyMac: In the Sites directory

OReillyMac: and the images are stored in the Pictures directory

OReillyMac: movies in Movies

raelitybytes: I see nothing there... prolly because I've no site set up

OReillyMac: and downloads in the Public directory

OReillyMac: that's it

raelitybytes: v. nice

OReillyMac: Now, let's say you create a Web page from iPhoto

OReillyMac: You're in iPhoto while connected to the net

raelitybytes: And its support of WebDAV allows you to mount the same iDisk on your PC or anywhere that supports DAV, but I'm getting ahead of you here, I think

OReillyMac: You choose a batch of photos and hit the HomePage button

OReillyMac: yeah, we'll get to that too

raelitybytes: I've fiddled with that... although I must admit I just did the export to html and tweaked there, skipping iTools

raelitybytes: go on

OReillyMac: iPhoto will gather all your pictures and create the Web pages and place them in the proper directories

OReillyMac: it will even create the navigation links on the other homepage pages

OReillyMac: it you want to edit

OReillyMac: just go to your Sites folder and open the new page in a text editor, although I recommend that you copy the page to your hard disk, edit it, then upload back to iTools.

OReillyMac:once you have it on your drive, you can just edit away

raelitybytes: nifty!

OReillyMac: full integration

OReillyMac: yes, it's like nothing I've seen before

OReillyMac: between OS, application, and online

raelitybytes: any way to restrict access a la .htaccess?

raelitybytes: that's always been my concern with putting such things online rather than on a Web server I control

OReillyMac: as far as I know, you can restrict acess

OReillyMac: to the site

OReillyMac: but not individual pages

OReillyMac: you can password protect the site tho

OReillyMac: I'd like to protect only the downloads page

raelitybytes: indeed.

OReillyMac: but haven't figured out how yet

raelitybytes: I'd like to have a public and private photo album, the latter for family and friends.

raelitybytes: hmmm... I see a little hacking in my future (the good kind, that is)

OReillyMac: yes!

OReillyMac: I know some folks have more than one site

OReillyMac: one public and one private

OReillyMac: not sure about how Apple feels about that tho

raelitybytes: very nice how it actually puts the pix into Pictures and only the HTML pages into Sites

OReillyMac: yes, it's using the same logic as Mac OS X

raelitybytes: very nice.. I just gave it a whirl

OReillyMac: see, that fast

raelitybytes: indeed.

OReillyMac: I have stuff posted galleries for clients before they leave my studio

OReillyMac: iPhoto --> homepage ...

OReillyMac: Boom!

OReillyMac: The QuickTime is nice too

raelitybytes: I love the fact that browsing the page brings up a mac-specific control if you're on a mac to view the pictures

OReillyMac: yeah

raelitybytes: heh... actually it's just HTML, but damn good looking

raelitybytes: I was fooled for just a moment there

OReillyMac: the code isn't bad at all

raelitybytes: so what of the other tools? email, ...

OReillyMac: better than I expected

OReillyMac: email of course

OReillyMac: which is good

OReillyMac: I want to mention iCards real fast

OReillyMac: you can make your own iCards from the images you have in your Pictures directory

OReillyMac: It's fast and easy

OReillyMac: and can really make someone's day

raelitybytes: fab! I have used iCards, but didn't delve from the make-your-own aspect

OReillyMac: yeah

OReillyMac: it's good

raelitybytes: see that's the interesting bit...

OReillyMac: so you can send grandma

OReillyMac: a picture of granddaughter

OReillyMac: boom, just like that

OReillyMac: but with a nice presentation

raelitybytes: I'm a HUGE Mac user and dig into every corner I can, yet iTools just didn't strike me as more than a throw-away...

raelitybytes: a real pity

OReillyMac: well, it's gotten better

OReillyMac: and what we see today is an evolution

OReillyMac: resulting from a big effort by Apple

raelitybytes: no, I mean that even today, while very very good, I didn't delve in until you mentioned it

OReillyMac: Ahhhh

raelitybytes: what's your impression of the uptake by new/old Mac users?

OReillyMac: I think it's overlooked by many, yet ...

OReillyMac: lot of guys posting scripts, plug-ins, and little Cocoa apps

OReillyMac: are posting them on their sites

OReillyMac: so in the Dev community I think the tools are being used

raelitybytes: indeed, I keep ending up there

OReillyMac: yeah, more and more when I go grab a cool new tool

raelitybytes: but interestingly enough (and this may just be me) I didn't think of putting blosxom, both download and homepage, there

OReillyMac: I'm at someone's download page

OReillyMac: you should!

OReillyMac: you've got 20 megs

raelitybytes: I guess I'm "blessed" with enough Web servers to not need anywhere else to maintain

OReillyMac: blosxom is only 51 lines!

OReillyMac: got me there

raelitybytes: but this is great for those who perhaps don't want to maintain a whole website and server and domain just to put a nifty hack

OReillyMac: I just mooch off other's servers

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