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A Chat with "The Joy of Tech" Creators
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alanosx: I recently confessed I have a thing for the Go-Gos...and Nutter Butter.

Nitrozac001: Linux people love AY2K

Snaggy001: heh, they were our first fans and most loyal

OReillyMac: ahhh (I actualy like the GoGos)

alanosx: It really is like a family reunion of sorts.

alanosx: Listening to them now.

Nitrozac001: nutter butter, sounds like a good pet name.:-D

Snaggy001: We made Linux sexy with AY2K

alanosx: My lips are sealed.

OReillyMac: cute

alanosx: Have you ever received hate mail for a piece you ran?

Snaggy001: Well, never hate mail, but we have received what Nitrozac calls Control Freak mail. ;)

OReillyMac: all the time ... Oh that question was for Snaggy

alanosx: Have you ever received hate mail for a piece you ran?

Nitrozac001: Melissa recently posed in PlayBoy, you know?

Snaggy001: Of course everyone has their favorite and least favorite topics... so we sometimes get a "too much Bill Gates!" email,

Snaggy001: usually directly followed by a "not enough Bill Gates" email, or the occassional "too much Apple crap mail", which is balanced by all the "I LOVE your Mac comics!" email.

OReillyMac: Sounds healthy to me

Nitrozac001: control-freak mail, we get that

alanosx: What I love about your work is taking some of the wind out of the tech communities sails...

alanosx: we need a little break from it all.

Nitrozac001: I think there are inner cartoonists in everyone, dying to get out, and wreak havoc!

OReillyMac: Mine can't draw tho

Nitrozac001: hehehe

Snaggy001: well, it's fun playing with the real-life characters

alanosx: I think your work is much more authentic to the geek community than Dilbert.

OReillyMac: What's on the horizon hot topic wise for 2002

Snaggy001: Well Dilbert is real Office Culture

Nitrozac001: we take the wind out of their sails?

alanosx: Only when sailing.

Nitrozac001: better out of the sails, then the...

Nitrozac001: =-o

Snaggy001: he means out of their sales ;)

Nitrozac001: more authenitc than Dilbert.... music to my aol chat

Snaggy001: on the horizon... well, macWorld Expo of course

Nitrozac001: and Christmas

OReillyMac: but I mean topic wise

Nitrozac001: post christmas OReillyMac): I have a calendar ;)

alanosx: Loved the David Pogue did when can we expect to see O'Reilyl icons of Derrick and I?

Nitrozac001: lol

Nitrozac001: oooh, that's where this is leading!

Nitrozac001: you want to be icons!

alanosx: My head bobbingin a is a fantasy of mine.

OReillyMac: LOL

Nitrozac001: here's one.:-$

Snaggy001: ah, the great suck up for the icon trick ;)

Nitrozac001: hee hee

Snaggy001: lol

Nitrozac001: especially lots of heads bobbing

OReillyMac: Hey you two can plug stuff you know

Nitrozac001: battling bobbing dock heads

alanosx: Please plug...

Snaggy001: Here's an exclusive: The David Pogue icon is moving to version 2.0 soon

alanosx: how about that Mac Genius shirt? ;)

OReillyMac: they might become collector's items

Nitrozac001: Snaggy made a David Pogue folder icon, with lots of David heads in the folder OReillyMac): seriously?

Snaggy001: it's going to revolutionize OSX

Nitrozac001: hey, we do have small MG shirts for sale

OReillyMac: ;)

alanosx: how small?

Nitrozac001: Baby Mac Genius O:-)

Snaggy001: hopefully we can work it out with Apple, people LOVE those shirts

Nitrozac001: it would fit a kid, or a teenage girl

Nitrozac001: or a tiny man

alanosx: I'm waiting for the boxers.

alanosx: Is that an iPod in your pocket?

Nitrozac001: Apple has to stop being Big Baby Mac Geniuses!

Snaggy001: lol

alanosx: You sure know how to persuade.

OReillyMac: Ok, parting shots?

Nitrozac001: hey, you could button tons of Mac Genius buttons to your shirt in protest!

OReillyMac: Or forget the shirt if you're serious

Nitrozac001: awwww

Nitrozac001: it's over.

Nitrozac001: I just got warmed up!

Nitrozac001: Hacker Hats

Snaggy001: somebody stop her!

Nitrozac001: um, any more questions?

OReillyMac: I did, but some how they just seem trivial now ...

Nitrozac001: those were really good

alanosx: So...when do you need the images for the icons?

Nitrozac001: heh heh

Snaggy001: So when does that OReilly Joy of Tech compilation come out? ;)

Nitrozac001: well, email them to snaggy, you never know what Santa will bring

alanosx: This had been fun.

Snaggy001: we'll be swamped with journalist and editors wanting interviews soon

Nitrozac001: yes, very fun!

Nitrozac001: better than phone interviews:-x

alanosx: And educatuional

alanosx: see I can now spell.

OReillyMac: thanks. big fun

Snaggy001: thanks!

alanosx: thanks guys!

Nitrozac001: and I got to call Apple, Big Baby Mac Geniuses

Nitrozac001: thank you!

OReillyMac (11:31:18 AM): bye!

alanosx: I am the wish granter.

alanosx: bye

Nitrozac001: /me waves bye Nitrozac001 has left the chat room.

Snaggy001: see ya

Snaggy001 has left the chat room.

Derrick Story is the author of The Photoshop CS4 Companion for Photographers, The Digital Photography Companion, and Digital Photography Hacks, and coauthor of iPhoto: The Missing Manual, with David Pogue. You can follow him on Twitter or visit

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