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A Chat with "The Joy of Tech" Creators
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OReillyMac: Everyone is busy. Sounds like I'm stating the obvious (actually I am) but it's a reality for working artists

alanosx: Here comes a segway...zoom...I am surprised I havenít seen a piece from you on the proposed Microsoft settlement. What are your thoughts on it?

OReillyMac: (iMovie is way cool in X)

Nitrozac001: faster artist, draw! draw! draw!

OReillyMac (11:09:54 AM): LOL

Snaggy001: We kind of poked at it a bit in this comic...

Snaggy001: We do have a few rough drafts of comics dealing with it, that just haven't seen light yet. We did plan to donate to every school in America a downloadable Bill Gates dartboard. Still might. :)

alanosx:: I think you should donate the cash for the dartboard...they can then choose the target of choice.

Snaggy001: hee hee

Nitrozac001: In a sick way, I admire M$'s proposed way of settling that would result in a bigger monopoly

OReillyMac: nice

Snaggy001: how about a 10 percent off from our webstore?

alanosx: I find your work hilarious, my wife does not. Whatís wrong with her?

Snaggy001: she married you didn't she? *drum roll/cymbal crash*

Nitrozac001: :-p

alanosx: Hmmm...never thought of that.

Snaggy001: I think she is just teasing you

OReillyMac: I'm enjoying this ...

Nitrozac001: Maybe she considers tech to be sacred.

alanosx: That must be it.

Snaggy001: she is just irritated since you sit and laugh at the computer all the time. ;)

alanosx: You received a Cease and Desist letter from Apple recently for selling a Mac Genius t-shirt you designed. So does this mean you finally made it?

Nitrozac001: yes we jumped up and down!

Snaggy001: we can't really talk too much about it since we're still negotiating with Apple Legal, but we always used to joke and wonder when a C&D form someone might arrive.

Snaggy001: To be honest, it's not an actual "Cease and Desist", but a "Demand" letter, which I don't think ranks as high as the C&D on the Made It scale. ;) But it's true, I will probably frame it anyway.

Nitrozac001: In a sick way, it's a bit of a compliment

Snaggy001: Hopefully we can work this out with Apple... people just love that shirt.

Nitrozac001: they think it looks Apple produced.

Snaggy001: On serious note, some real Made it moments...

Snaggy001: Meeting fans for the first time at Linux World Expo, in particular, when the first fan in the line-up thanked Nitrozac for all her work. It was actually very moving, and really meant a lot to us.

OReillyMac: Speaking of that, what kind of feedback do you get?

OReillyMac: letters? proposed ideas?

alanosx: I got that once...but I was mistaken for Ricky Schroeder.

Nitrozac001: sometimes

OReillyMac: Seems like a community has formed around the site

Snaggy001: Lots of email, and post in our Forums, ideas, and suggestions occasionally

Nitrozac001: we got a good one today!

alanosx: I enjoy perusing your message boards...especially the confessions.

Nitrozac001: The forum community has bloomed

Snaggy001: It's great hearing for people within the industry that they follow our work. For instance, the iMovie team liked this iMovie comic:


Nitrozac001: the confessions is great, really good reading!

Snaggy001: and real Apple geniuses follow our Genius vs Genius series

OReillyMac: before OS X, the community was clearer ... now, do you think the Linux crowd will start hanging out?

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