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A Chat with "The Joy of Tech" Creators
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Nitrozac001: I think the creative types will remain loyal.

Snaggy001: I think absolutely the Mac will continue to be the creative platform

Snaggy001: But it will take the major apps of course

OReillyMac: How are you two dealing with it?

Nitrozac001: once those creative apps get onboard, they'll be flocking!

Nitrozac001: I make lots of OSX icons.

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Snaggy001: Well, we are still mainly in OS 9 since our tools are still not OSx'd

alanosx: Not Classic?

Nitrozac001: we are slaves to the apps!

OReillyMac: it's so true

Snaggy001: I still have trouble in X, navigating around and such. Am resisting the Classic mode so far, just booting into X when necessary. But that will change soon.

OReillyMac: Jobs knew that all along

alanosx: If Linux fans become rapid Apple fans...I'm not sure I am comfortable with someone twice as rabid as myself. There may be some actual mouth foaming.

Nitrozac001: a friend of ours had a lot of data lost due to an OSX crash

OReillyMac: I found classic is better with more MHz

Nitrozac001: scary

OReillyMac: very

Snaggy001: heh, there's lots of drool now :)

OReillyMac: :)

Snaggy001: heh, and it was Woz

Nitrozac001: lol, mouth foaming

Nitrozac001: sounds like a family reunion!

alanosx: I use Classic with my graphics apps...

alanosx: and for the most part it is okay...

OReillyMac: I do too. Had a mental block against Classic at first.

alanosx: except with many cut and paste functions between the two.

Nitrozac001: which apps do you use in Classic?

OReillyMac: Photoshop, goLive, few odds and ends for photography

Nitrozac001: cool

Snaggy001: we are so pressed for time lately, I don't have the patience to switch entirely

OReillyMac: Great point!

Nitrozac001: we have "point and click" syndorme

alanosx: Live Motion, Photoshop...mainly.

Snaggy001: but I will within 6 months I think

Nitrozac001: I guess iMovie, is great with OSX?

Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4

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