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A Chat with "The Joy of Tech" Creators

by Derrick Story and Alan Graham

Author's Note -- Nitrozac and Snaggy, creators of The Joy of Tech (both the site and the comic), were featured on the Apple site in the article, Geek culture in idyllic surroundings.

Along with O'Reilly author Alan Graham, we set up an AIM chat before Christmas last year to talk about tech humor, geeks, Macs, Apple legal, and Mac OS X. Now two months later, I still laugh everytime I read this transcript.

So, here it is for you, unedited and in all of its IM-flawed glory. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

You are now in chat room "Cheese Ball."

OReillyMac: Let's go

Nitrozac001: ok

OReillyMac: Alan?

alanosx: As a social commentator on all things geeky...with OS the Mac geeker than ever? Is it possible we could surpass the Windows Geek quotient?

Nitrozac001: computing...

Snaggy001: heh chewing

Snaggy001: that's a loaded question... are Windows users Geeks? ;)

alanosx: Affirmative...good answer. Who are these people?

Nitrozac001: Do we want to surpass the Windows Geek quotient?:-p

OReillyMac: Oh I can see it now ...

alanosx: Only in sex appeal.

Snaggy001: the real question is can Mac users surpass Linux Geeks

Nitrozac001: as you can see we love these funny AOL faces

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Talking About Life With Mac OS X

OReillyMac: That is the question ...

Snaggy001: With OSX the Mac has never been geekier

OReillyMac: to bring Linux geeks into the fold

Nitrozac001: I think OSX is too GUI for the ultra-hardcore geek

alanosx: I always thought of myself as fashionable geeky...but with the Terminal I think I crossed a line somewhere.

Snaggy001: there is lots of geek glee out there in the Linux crowd over OS X

OReillyMac: I'm seeing it at the O'Reilly confs

Nitrozac001: it does, let us with geeky tendencies, explore this fascinating universe of UNIX

Snaggy001: As Nitrozac likes to say... Mac Geeks are more glamourus

alanosx: Do you think the Mac will continue to be the platform of choice among creative types once the switch to OS X is complete? In essence is the Mac still a Mac? Will the Apple experience translate to OS X?

OReillyMac: OK, here's the other side ...

alanosx: sorry go ahead.

OReillyMac: same question

OReillyMac: Getting lots of mail from designers saying that OS X isn't on their radar yet cause of the apps, Photoshop, etc

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