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VisorVision at PC Expo

by Alan Graham

This week, a handheld computer news site, became the first PDA web site to offer streaming video interviews and demonstrations from the floor of a tradeshow. They did this by using a PowerBook G4, a Sony NP-F550 DV camera, Darwin Streaming Server, Fetch, and iMovie for Mac OS X.

"We didn't have a lot of money to spend, so it was great that we were able to get the components for a complete video streaming solution without spending any additional money on software," says James Hromadka, Senior Editor at VisorCentral. "We've had a tremendous response from both our readers and other press analysts who were able to see us in action."

After interviews and presentations were conducted, the digital video was transferred from the camera to the PowerBook via FireWire and edited directly inside of iMovie. After editing, the movies were then saved into QuickTime 5 format and loaded to the media server via FTP. All of this was accomplished while still in the press room. The entire process of filming, editing, and uploading took approximately thirty minutes per clip. Not bad for a group of people who had never used iMovie before!

Check out VisorVision for yourself. To receive both audio and video, you'll need QuickTime 5, if you have earlier versions of QuickTime, you'll can still watch the video, but the audio might not come through.

Alan Graham is the creator of the Best of Blogs book series and is a frequent writer on the O'Reilly Network.

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