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Can You Believe It? G4s at JavaOne

by Derrick Story

If it weren't for my digital camera, you probably wouldn't believe it ... but there were Apple G4s on the JavaOne Expo floor. What the heck was going on there?

The first sighting was at the Apple booth itself. Yes, Apple had a booth at JavaOne. In fact, it was a Gold sponsor so Apple had a big booth.

(By the way, the expo floor was much nicer this year than at previous JavaOne shows because the Platinum and Gold sponsors had nice big areas that brought some variety to the floor plan. In previous years, it was one box after another leaving me feeling like a rat lost in a maze of glowing monitors.)

The Apple plan at JavaOne

The game plan according to the Apple folks was to get on the radar screen of Java developers.

"We've been doing a lot of education," said one Apple employee. "A lot of these guys don't even realize that you can develop Java Standard Edition on Mac OS X, let alone the fact that it's a great experience."

The second message Apple was delivering were the benefits of ADC membership for Java developers. This special offer for JavaOne show attendees only provides deep discounts on Apple hardware and software, plus lots of other benefits such as current distributions of Mac OS X and Mac OS X Developer Tools.

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If you were registered for JavaOne, you might want to take a look at this tempting offer. After all, we know how often Apple allows discounts on its current top-of-the-line hardware ...

Borland shows off JBuilder for Mac OS X

It's one thing to see G4s at the Apple booth, but it's another to watch a demo of JBuilder, the comprehensive Java IDE, running on an Apple G4 tower.

"We're living the Java dream," said Geoffrey Goetz, senior systems engineer for Borland. "We have JBuilder running on all of the major platforms including Mac OS X, and it runs great."

If you've used JBuilder before, working on a Mac is no problem because of the consistency of the implementation. As Goetz commented, "Everything that you expect from JBuilder will be there in the Mac version."

You can find out more about JBuilder for Mac OS X by checking out the Borland web site.

Show photos

Here are a few images from JavaOne:

Apple booth.
Apple is a Gold sponsor at this year's Java One. Its message: Java development is terrific on Mac OS X.

Borland booth.
Borland was demonstrating its JBuilder IDE on Apple G4s. "Everything you expect from JBuilder will be there on the Mac version," says Borland Senior Systems Engineer Geoffrey Goetz.

Dozing off at JavaOne.
"And what do you think about infrastructure, education, and support issues for organizations adopting Java ...?" Oops, wrong article!

Derrick Story is the author of The Photoshop CS4 Companion for Photographers, The Digital Photography Companion, and Digital Photography Hacks, and coauthor of iPhoto: The Missing Manual, with David Pogue. You can follow him on Twitter or visit

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