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Writers' Talk With Guest Wil Shipley
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wilshipleyatomni: We were given the chance to make up some of the metaphors of web browsing that people now take for granted.

wilshipleyatomni: Like hierarchical bookmarks -- seems obvious, we were the first to do it.

wilshipleyatomni: Before us, bookmarks we just a huge long list in a menu.

wilshipleyatomni: And dragging and dropping bookmarks -- that came in OmniWeb 2.0.

OReillyMac: Mine are still a long list ... Another question ... I'm sure you've heard the word on the streets that IE 5.1 isn't as strong on Mac OS X as it is with other operating systems. Alan, have you heard that too?

alanosx: I have heard that. One of my biggest pet peeves though is what we see in the MS IE...

OReillyMac: Go for it!

alanosx: is more Miscrosoft bloat...Omni is refreshing in that it has taken a step back it seems and that less is more...what do you think?

wilshipleyatomni: I think Microsoft definitely made some missteps in earlier versions of the browser -- channels come to mind, for instance.

OReillyMac: I think so too, and btw, I really like the way OmniWeb renders web pages. Wil, how do you do that?

wilshipleyatomni: We actually just use Quartz's built-in text anti-aliasing, and it makes pages look better.

wilshipleyatomni: I feel kind of bad that IE takes it in the chin for this, because they are using Carbon's text rendering, and it's just not as good, but that's hardly their fault.

alanosx: I have a question that pertains to this...

OReillyMac: go!

alanosx: What really thrilled me about Omniweb from the start was not only its well developed interface, but its use of Quartz. I have always disliked the look of html text.

alanosx: I felt it was the first time that the web looked like the printed page or watching television. Are we starting to see the evolution of the web on some level?

wilshipleyatomni: I always thought that prettier pages would come when the web went to PDF, but that standard didn't really take off.

alanosx: People are saying that the images are fuzzy...but personally...I think that people just aren't use to seeing the web look so good.

wilshipleyatomni: One problem up to now with rendering pages has been that all the browser writers have had to slavishly imitate what the leader does, down to the pixel, so there hasn't been much room for improving things.

wilshipleyatomni: I know Jim Grewal from the IE team wants to use Quartz fonts, but the problem is they are of slightly different metrics than Carbon fonts...

wilshipleyatomni: and so pages will look slightly different, and lots of web authors erroneously depend on font widths to be exactly what they wrote the page with.

Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

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