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Talking About Life With Mac OS X
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OReillyMac: What advice do you guys have for those out there who are sitting on the bubble trying to decide to switch or not to Mac OS X? Is there a pros/cons checklist?

Learning Carbon

Learning Carbon
By Apple Computer, Inc.
May 2001 (est.)
0-596-00161-4, Order Number: 1614
352 pages (est.), $34.95 (est.)

beamOSX: It's hard to say--it depends on what your needs are

alanosx: Buy now... try it... if it doesn't support hardware you need... keep it on the drive... and wait.

beamOSX: I think a home user whose livelihood doesn't depend on things that only work in 9...

beamOSX: would benefit from the switch

beamOSX: i agree with Alan

alanosx: I think another issue is $$$.

alanosx: UP THE RAM!

beamOSX: i think there are real tangible benefits to OS X that often get overlooked

OReillyMac: How much RAM?

beamOSX: as much as you can afford!

beamOSX: (maybe we shouldn't print that)

OReillyMac: LOL!

alanosx: Well... I would suggest more than 128MB... but then again I am running an iBook with 128 and have had no problems.

beamOSX: yeah, I've got 320 on my iBook

alanosx: I think there is very little value in waiting.

alanosx: So if it doesn't work for you now...

alanosx: it will in six months... at least begin to learn it now. Classic seems to work better than OS 9.

alanosx: if OS 9 crashes the system you lose everything. If Classic crashes, OS X still runs. No need to restart your computer, just launch Classic again. stability, stability, stability.

beamOSX: If only Apple would let people know more directly that updates don't cost you anything (especially for those coming from wintel where a "Service Pack" costs as much as the original OS, or whatever barbarism they endure)

beamOSX: seems like people are thinking "but won't I have to pay more for it in the fall" or something like that

OReillyMac: In all fairness though, it's more for power users at this point, right?

alanosx: I don't know...

beamOSX: I think Power Users and those who do e-mail and Internet

OReillyMac: It will never be free. I can tell you that.

beamOSX: the updates

beamOSX: 10 -> 10.1

beamOSX: these updates have always been free, and they will be pretty meaty updates in X

alanosx: I really think this comes down to hardware. without those drivers....what is the point?

alanosx: Classic is stable... it is fast... and it runs in OS X.

OReillyMac: Well the drivers are going to be there

Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4

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