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Talking About Life With Mac OS X
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OReillyMac: So, then the flip side ...

OReillyMac: Will Unix users be satisfied with this version of BSD?

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beamOSX: I think so

beamOSX: from what i've read in discussions the UNIX community seems to VERY pleased with it

beamOSX: i even see some positive things said about it on Slashdot!

OReillyMac: I know the BSD guys feel they are getting the acknowledgement that they deserve ...

alanosx: Ah... but will Unix users want to buy Mac hardware?

OReillyMac: Good point.

beamOSX: It sounds like many of them have become enamoured with the Powerbook G4

beamOSX: maybe so, but a good point nonetheless

OReillyMac: There's an interesting story brewing ...

beamOSX: do tell...

OReillyMac: about the Darwin release for Intel

beamOSX: yeah, I've heard about that

OReillyMac: Hang on, I'll get the URL


alanosx: Most users don't know Unix or Linux from Primus and they don't care.

OReillyMac: This could change everything ...

alanosx: Most users don't need to see it, don't want to see it, touch it, use it...and thanks to an excellent GUi by Apple, they never have to. Aqua may be a big departure from their old GUI...but it isn't a big departure from their trademark.

alanosx: ease of use. I am still marvelling at little details in OS X that seem simple but are so powerful.

beamOSX: I agree

beamOSX: I really miss the dock when i go back to 9

OReillyMac: Me too, but the point I want to make is ...

OReillyMac: Even though developers LOVE the titanium G4 ... (Heck, who doesn't?)

OReillyMac: Many say that as long as they have to use Mac hardware ...

OReillyMac: Mac OS X will remain a niche OS

alanosx: I think this will be the case.

OReillyMac: But with the Darwin release on Intel ...

alanosx: except possibly in the enterprise community.

OReillyMac: I've never seen such a thing in the Mac community

beamOSX: You mean an Intel release of part of the flagship OS?

alanosx: The value for many Unix users is the terminal window... the sense of total control... you see that in the way many people still build their own machines.

OReillyMac: Here's a quote from Chris Coleman ...

OReillyMac: "Although the Darwin project is guided by Apple and used as the core of their new operating system, it is an open source project. Work has been underway by the open source community since release 1.0 to make Darwin available for the Intel platform. Darwin project leaders at Apple have recognized this effort and created an official binary installer for the Intel platform."

alanosx: I don't think it will happen... remember when Apple licensed their OS... it cannibalized their marketshare.

alanosx: Happening to Palm now.

OReillyMac: Yeah, but ...

OReillyMac: Here's another quote ...

OReillyMac: "The release includes a binary installer for PowerPC, as well as for certain x86-compatible configurations

beamOSX: There would have to be a fundamental shift in the core values of Apple for them to release OS X for Intel.

beamOSX: the environment isn't there now (or anytime soon) for that shift

OReillyMac: I'm not going to second-guess Apple ...

alanosx: I agree... and I don't see it in Jobs long term strategy.

OReillyMac: But once you open the "open source" box ...

alanosx: They are a strange...and wonderful animal.

OReillyMac: OK ...

OReillyMac: Here's another one

beamOSX: But that's just for Darwin--not the juicy stuff that users who will increase Apple's marketshare dramatically want

beamOSX: sorry, a little late on that one

OReillyMac: No problem! :-)

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